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Spacecubed accelerator programmes opening doors for WA Startups

Aug 24, 2018

Growing opportunity

Australia’s largest startups and entrepreneurial conference saw over 3200 entrepreneurs, startups and business people attend to hear some of the world’s most renowned growth speakers and experts such as Jason Crusan from NASA’s Advanced Exploration Group, and Andrew Chen, Growth at Uber.

With the intention to encourage growth and generate revenue for Australian startups, the conference proved invaluable to our community in attendance.

“We’re seeing some great results from the startups that have been involved with our programmes at Spacecubed to date, and with opportunities like Startcon now available to our startups, we’re increasingly encouraging Western Australian startups to lead innovation,” said Tom Riordan, Spacecubed’s Programmes Manager.

The Vocus Upstart 7 startups are currently touring the East Coast of Australia, pitching their accelerated businesses to some of Australia’s most influential and expert investors and Venture Capitalists.

Last week pitching at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne, the Vocus Upstart 7 pitched their ideas at Startcon 2016 this weekend, and will now go onto pitch at Fishburner’s in Sydney tomorrow (Tuesday 29th of November 2016).

“Our programmes are encouraging learning as much as pitching and securing investment for our startups, so today (Monday 28th of November) we took a tour around Canva’s base in Sydney,” Tom Riordan continued.

“This was extra special as Canva themselves, now worth over $350 million, originated out of Perth, and are the perfect example for our startups to follow, as their user base grows by 50,000 a day” Spacecubed’s Programmes Manager concluded.

What next?

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