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Snackr is delivering an unmatched spectator experience for the future of live events

Aug 31, 2021

Founded in 2019 by CEO and massive sport fan, Matt Lim, Snackr is a food delivery app designed to keep you in your seat so you don’t miss the action. “Believe it or not, the idea came to me after missing Optus Stadium’s first streaker while waiting in line for drinks!” Matt shared when asked about the early stages of Snackr. 


Following his idea, Matt quickly recruited Co-Founders Grace Tate (COO), Michael Ritchie (CTO) and Cale Walsh (Head of Growth) to design and build a prototype product. 


Picture this: It’s your turn to grab the snacks. You get up and head to the nearest vendor, only to hear the crowd erupt as soon as you’re out of sight. Great, you missed it. Again. Whether it's live music or sport, this exact scenario happens to thousands of fans at every event. The solution? Snackr. 


“Snackr fills a niche between POS providers and food aggregators to provide a mobile ordering experience that’s specifically designed for fans at live events and large venues.” Matt shared. “This means that the product needs to be flexible for various venues and be able to deal with high volumes of orders in tight timeframes and congested areas.” 


“What makes Snackr different from its competitors is that our product makes this problem part of our core business by engaging with the logistical challenges as opposed to providing a set and forget software solution. This resonates with catering managers and vendors who understand the specific nature of challenges faced in the fast-paced stadium, festival and live event spaces.”


In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt and Grace relocated to Tasmania to launch Snackr at the KFC Big Bash League at Blundstone Arena. With a 55% increase in average spend through the app and 50% of revenue generated during off-peak times, they saw amazing results! And the fans loved it too, with 97% of users saying they would use Snackr again and 67% placing repeat orders.


Although, it hasn’t been success after success, with COVID-19 materially impacting the product rollout due to the mass cancellation of events and overall uncertainty. However, Matt shares that even with these challenges, they have seen significant interest from clients in using Snackr as a COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy. “Snackr keeps fans in the action and out of queues, which can significantly reduce congestion in common areas. This industry is hurting and it is great to be part of the response that gets venues back in the game and fans back in the action in a safe way.”


Snackr re-signed to operate at Blundstone Arena for the 2021 AFL season and has moved from strength to strength since then, including their acceptance into our Plus Eight Accelerator program and the recent signing of a number of new venues in 2021.


“We have been overwhelmed by the support from venues looking to improve the experience for event goers and get back in the game post-pandemic. We are so excited to finally be operating in our home state and can't wait to bring Snackr to more venues this year. If we continue this growth trajectory, the future is bright for Snackr and we will look to expand nation-wide as soon as possible.” Grace shared.


When asked about their time so far in the Plus Eight program, Grace shared that it has been invaluable for direction, growth and access to world-class mentorship. “Over the past 8 weeks, we have been lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of mentors, supporters and other founders who have helped us refine our internal processes and accelerate our growth trajectory to sign 6 additional venues this year.”


While the team can't share all of these new venues just yet, we can announce that Snackr will be at the following live events this year:


Banana Social at Perth's largest concert venue, Metro City! Snackr will be available during the Banana Social: Spring Series, which will host a multi-stage takeover of the concert club and showcase the best up and coming West Australian DJ & producer talent.


Block Party in Fremantle! The event will see a multi-venue takeover across The Federal Hotel, The Newport Hotel, Benny's Yard, Hugo's, Street Eats Eatery and Paddy Troy Mall. Event-goers will be able to walk freely between each venue and throughout the laneway to access five stages and a silent disco.

So, if you want to learn more about the live events space and how you can improve the experience for attendees and stay COVID-safe, reach out to Matt (mlim@snackr.com.au) and discover how Snackr can add value to your live event by reducing queues and enabling contactless ordering!