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Plus Eight cohort takes San Francisco

Mar 1, 2018

Businesses that survive are those that through innovation, capture a large part of the possible market.

Just take a look at Amazon’s acquisition of WholeFoods for $13.7b billion and looking at expanding into Australia. No-one want’s to be Woolworths or Coles, waiting for Amazon’s market speed, innovation and access to capital to take their market share.

This week Plus Eight accelerator companies are in San Francisco (SF). Each team is using the muru-D networks to meet with advisors, mentors, customers and investors in the US market. The pace of innovation in the US is inspiring and the culture of SF optimises this desire of startups to grow fast and capture large markets, which is why it’s a crucial part of Plus Eight and the muru-D program schedule each year.

 Over the week we will be:

- One-one coaching teams with muru-D’s portfolio manager.
- Meetings with venture capital fund partners.
- Meetings with growth and product experts.
- Meeting with muru-D alumni companies currently expanding in the US market.
- Interviews and meetings with specialised accelerators
- Meeting with key experts at Stanford and Berkeley.

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