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Pitching to Perfection: The 2022 Plus Eight Accelerator Cohort takes the stage

Lauren Quinn
Dec 8, 2022

6 companies spanning sports science, cloud gaming and everything in between took to the stage on Tuesday night at our exclusive Demo Night. Running once a year, and the end of the accelerator program, this event is an opportunity for the cohort to showcase what they’ve been working on over the past six months, as well as seek investment and network with industry.

Welcoming the crowd was Spacecubed General Manager, Chandra Sundareswaran, Program Lead, Kylie Gerrard and Entrepreneur in Residence, Derek Gerrard, who shared their thoughts on the calibre of the 2022 cohort, and just how far they’ve come since the initial bootcamp back in May.

“Year on year we are impressed by the cohort and what they’re able to achieve in such a short amount of time,” Chandra Sundareswaran shared. “The program is designed to be a crucible, and what we get at the end of it is just a melting pot of talent and innovative ideas that are ready to soar, and scale.” 

Founders from Arbela, Bobbleware Australia, Ascend Labs, Three Little Pixels, OneBase, and Paperly impressed the crowd of over 300 members of the startup community with their eloquent pitches, and innovative ideas. For more on each startup, keep reading below!

Connor Lane, cofounder of Arbela shared earlier in the year that the weekly facilitated sessions with Derek, Kylie and the masterclass hosts have kept himself, and his cofounder Hannah moving forward quickly and single-mindedly. Many of the other founders shared that the immersion trip to Singapore was the highlight of the program, as they got to engage in panel and masterclass sessions, networking events and got to pitch their startup to international VC’s and investors. See the full update on the trip here.

The Plus Eight accelerator program has now invested $2M in local startups who have a combined valuation of $104M, has over 3,000 individuals in its network of startups and mentors, and has seen an additional $16M in capital raised by its alumni. 

None of the above would be possible without the support of our incredible 2022 partner network, which grew to include Capricorn Society and Visagio this year, alongside Woodside Energy, RAC BetterLabs, Hawaiian, Eastcourt, Jackson McDonald, DFK Gooding Partners, and Radium Capital. 

Meet our 2022 cohort below!

👋 Founded by Connor Lane and Hannah Pham
Arbela is a decentralised autonomous organisation that invests in community generated ideas and provides strong incentives to contributors whilst maintaining full transparency. 

👋 Founded by Jolynn Beh and Edison Soh
Bobbleware is a retail brand that sells reusable tumblers specifically designed for bubble tea.

Ascend Labs
👋 Founded by Jason Ager
Ascend Labs offers a small portable device in the sport science space that is used to perform isometric strength testing for athletic monitoring.

👋 Founded by Andrew Stead and Fanny Westlund
OneBase is an integrated software/IoT platform that develops customised treatment protocols holistically for clients.

👋 Founded by Daniel Dawson
Paperly is an all-encompassing, cloud based education platform which improves a school’s operational and management capability, and hosts modules built for schools by people who work in schools.

Three Little Pixels
👋 Founded by Pete Curelli
Three Little Pixels is an indie gaming marketplace where members come together to combine experience in broadcasting, content creation, games and esport journalism, and tech support and development.


If you’d like to partner with us and support the Plus Eight Accelerator Program in 2023 and be the first to discover and invest in the next wave of West Australian entrepreneurs and startups, send an email to info@spacecubed.com to learn more.