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Perth Web Girls: Breaking Down Barriers

Mar 12, 2018

Diversity Matters

About 74% of young girls express interest in STEM fields and computer science, however this number is far from represented in the industry. The rate of women in computing roles has been in steady decline, they only hold about 25% of computing jobs despite the high interest in childhood. If they do get into the industry, the quit rate is more than twice as high for women than it is for men.

It’s clear that women are being deterred from these industries, that’s why it’s so important to support programs which help women to break down these barriers. Perth Web Girls succeeds in doing so in an inclusive, engaging and fun way.

About Perth Web Girls

Perth Web Girls, powered by Spacecubed, is empowering women learn coding by organising free programming workshops and meetups. The goal is to increase diversity in the tech community, and to spark collaboration, creativity and expand networks. Our hope is that these workshops spark an interest in technology and coding, to lead to further education, internships, involvement in the Perth tech community, and even a career. Spacecubed Program Coordinator Kate Kirwin says “I love the atmosphere at Perth Web Girls events. There is so much warmth and shared understanding between the women that attend - we are all in it together and help each other through. We are lucky to have such great partners like BHP and Robert Walters who are genuine and serious about promoting equality in the industry.”

About the event

Perth Web Girls offers HTML & CSS, and Django & Python at beginner level for those just starting out. All are mentored by leading professionals who have extensive experience in the industry.

The workshop is free for women who are excited about learning to code, they even provide a free lunch! All you need is basic knowledge of working with a computer and a laptop to bring along. Perth Web Girls is open to people of all ages, with one of their youngest participants being just four years old. Find out more information about the upcoming event here.

Perth Web Girls would not be possible without our incredible sponsors, partners and volunteers to make it all happen. A massive thanks to Spacecubed, BHP and Robert Walters for helping this to happen.