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Our Recipe for Events Success

Aug 24, 2018

After hosting some awesome full house events, and with both Spacecubed and FLUX now fully operational, we’ve decided to share with you our recipe for your event's success; making you hungry for coworking, collaboration and innovation;

Step One: Add 100% energy to a room full of innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs

Energy is the maker or breaker at an event. The most successful events have the perfect amount of energy, combining networking with factual and accredited presentations and information sessions, wrapping up with more collaboration and mingling.  

“Energetic collaboration sets the tone for the events held here. Surround yourself in creative spaces with industry experts and qualified professionals, and with people eager to learn more about the topic of the event.” says Kate Kirwin, Events Coordinator at Spacecubed.

Step Two: Balance your event ingredients

Balancing formalities (presentations) with creative networking, Q&A sessions and collaboration is vital for event success.

Most of the events taking place at Spacecubed and FLUX are aimed at supporting business growth, providing learnings and tips on how to perform better and finding new and innovative solutions to the many challenges we face today.

On an average week at Spacecubed and FLUX, we accommodate a diverse range of events, including;

  • Business consulting
  • Intellectual property talks
  • Tech talks
  • Educational workshops
  • Marketing and Sales workshops
  • Meditation and wellness sessions
  • Community lunches, breakfasts and happy hour
  • And much much more… (see the events list here)

Step Three: Mix 2400sqm of creative spaces promoting innovative thinking

Spacecubed has traditionally served the startup community, with events organisers using the space to promote early ideation stage startups - in recent times we’ve hosted Startup Weekend, Mindhack, IP talks with Griffith Hack and Steve Baxter.

FLUX is now serving the other end of the spectrum, with CORE events in the mining sector, corporate sector events and hackathons such as GovHack. Startup WA’s report launched as the first public event at FLUX and received an audience of over 100 people.

Step Four: Cooking your ideas

With the opening of 5 creative meeting rooms at FLUX, new accelerator programmes situated at Spacecubed along with 6 creative meeting rooms, and an ever-growing member and mentor community, it’s as equally important that we support the ideas and businesses both during, and continuing after events have finished.

You can now book meeting rooms anytime, anywhere and on the go with the new Spacecubed app.

Step Five: Serve with an ice cold beer

It’s true - almost any event faux pas can be forgiven if the food is good, the wine is aired and the beer is cold. 9 times out of 10 if the host is relaxed and having a great time, networking, connecting, and learning, we know the event is going to be success.

A tasty recipe for events excellence

For more events information and for details on how you can invigorate your business functions, contact kate@spacecubed.com.