Our coworking spaces are open!

With the easing of restrictions across WA, we’re pleased to say that our coworking spaces, Riff, FLUX and Make Place, are open for business and ready to welcome back members.

May 19, 2020

From 18 May, the WA Government has announced that restrictions have been further relaxed as part of the COVID-19 WA roadmap, allowing some businesses to reopen while ensuring that good cleaning and hygiene is maintained. Following the COVID-19 Safety Plan, operating businesses are required to have 4sqm per individual, and we have been adding new restrictions in all of our working areas to ensure this is adhered to. 

With new protocols in place, our team is committed to ensuring the safety of all members, guests and staff who enter our spaces. These protocols include:  

    • All members, guests and visitors must check-in on Sine.
      This can be done via our host desk tablet, or via the app available to download on your own device. This is to be done every day you enter the space, so we can continuously keep track of our community. To see three ways to check-in on Sine, click here.
    • New COVID-19 rules and signage across the space.
      You will notice some new signage throughout the common areas in our spaces, please follow these signs as directed while maintaining physical distancing in every area. 
    • Cleaning procedures
      Our staff will clean and sanitize shared spaces three times each day, this includes the lift buttons, host desk, kitchen area, toilet door handles, phone booths, and break out spaces. Cleaning supplies can also be found for members to use as required in the new ‘Cleaning Stations.’
    • Mail management
      All mail delivered will be received by staff, and members will be notified and be able to pick it up from the mail area accordingly. Alternatively, mail can be delivered to the members’ desks or offices on request.
    • Infection management
      We haven't had any infections traced to our spaces or members. At any stage, if there are any infections traced back to our space, we will close the space, undertake a deep clean of the space, and communicate with our members accordingly.
    • Meeting room bookings
      Please ensure you are continuing to book meeting rooms using the Spacecubed Platform. In each room, please be aware of the new seating arrangements, and you may have to book a bigger room than required to ensure you adhere to the 4sqm per person rule. To make this simple for members, we have removed chairs and positioned each meeting room to suit these requirements. 

To learn more about the changes we’re making to our spaces, click here to watch a video update from Spacecubed founder and Managing Director, Brodie McCulloch.

With all of this in mind, we welcome you to see your Community Host, or email us with any further questions or requirements.