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Our 3 hot marketing tips for coworkers

Aug 24, 2018

Last week, King Content held their second Perth Masterclass of the year, seeing a full house attendance in the new BASE events space at FLUX.

To answer the question put to us by our community, we’ve come up with three essential marketing tips for our coworkers to consider when readying their products, services and businesses for market.

1) Do your research: Live, think and act like your consumer

How do we know what people want and why they want it?

To answer this you have to be the ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’, we don’t mean travel to Clapham and get on a bus, but by this we mean be the reasonable person. Good marketing strategy is about adopting a state of mind that makes you live, think, and act like the consumer of your service.

Millennial marketers for example haven’t known a world without the internet and the mobile phone, for them adopting older methods of marketing can be tough. Coworking aids this process by enabling the bouncing of ideas between your peers, coworkers and colleagues. Diversely comprised coworking spaces enable you to split test and trial your campaigns effectively, getting real time results and establishing strategies quicker when it comes to finding the best solution for engraving your product on society’s map.

2) Match making your brand with your customers

We love the brands we have a connection to. Establishing brand love is crucial. As humans, our most successful social relationships blossom out of meeting mutual connections, the same goes for consumers with your brand. Give your existing consumers something to talk about, and through mutual connections, the love for your brand will grow - the coworking environment is the perfect incubator for establishing brand love across a greater network quickly and seamlessly, thanks to your colocation with other members.

3) The element of surprise

Now you’ve figured out how to market your product, and now you’ve established a key network of brand lovers, deepen and strengthen those very connections to your brand by rejuvenating your campaigns, products and services through innovation and unexpectedness.

Triggering the wants people didn’t know they had, if you can do that, you’ve found the marketing holy grail. Talk about the benefits of your product, celebrate the success stories and excite us with the adventures you’ve been on.

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