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Office Hours Mentor: Andrew Hall

Aug 24, 2018

Name: Andrew Hall

Current Position: Advisor for ARENA

Current Company: The Founder Institute

Linkedin Profile:  Andrew Hall


Relevant Work Experience: 

  • Successfully built start up from idea to >$20M revenues (Bright Generation)
  • Former VC: Investment Manager: Stone Ridge Ventures
  • Former Commercialisation Advisor: COMET Program
  • Current Position: Advisor Venture Capital / Utility Scale Renewables: ARENA

Education Background: 

  • B.Sc / M.Sc
  • Berkeley / MIT Executive Education
  • AVCAL Executive Education

Key areas you can assist with: 

  • Managing Growth
  • Accessing Capital
  • Negotiating Agreements
  • Business Development

Something people will find interesting about you:

Despite being married with two kids, and several innovation cycles later, I still have the startup bug!!

What are you passionate about:

Creating dynamic high growth companies.