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Mindhack - Tackling society's most prevalent issues

Aug 24, 2018

Spacecubed have teamed up with M4M to create Mindhack, Australia’s first mental health hackathon. Since the event was introduced, the Australian Government released their 2016/17 budget. Advocating for greater support in the mental health discourse and ‘committing to bringing the health system into the digital age’, teams at Mindhack will echo this stance by the Government, and aim to find solutions for complex problems through innovation and technology.

Event Specifics...

The event will run over one and a half days with a focus on supporting mental health sufferers with innovative new concepts. Teams are required to collaborate and work a solution for either one of the questions below, or they do have the option of formulating their own challenges to tackle:

1) How do we enhance the ongoing interaction and knowledge shared between research scientists and the mental health community?

2) How do we facilitate scenarios for creative encounters between neuroscience researchers and people with lived experience within the research environment?

3) How do we make research, data and shared experiences more accessible? Can this be presented in a way that laymen can understand, and share globally?

4) How do we address stigma and prejudice around mental health? Keep in mind that for tech solutions, we need with one foot in the digital world and the other planted firmly in that of the human face-to-face encounters.

With experienced mentors including world renowned Psychiatrist, professor Norman Sartorius onboard, this event promises to not only provide solutions to prevalent problems, but do so in the most efficient and researched way possible.  

Register to take part in the event by clicking the button below, and come help solve some of society's most prevalent issues.