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Meet the newest Western Sydney Startup Hub members, working on game-changing ideas

Feb 1, 2023

The Spacecubed Impact Scholarship is designed to support local startups with a mission to make a positive impact in the world. Recently, we awarded scholarships to three Sydney-based founders who will be utilising the Western Sydney Startup Hub for the coming months, as they work on their ideas, connect with other founders, access the Spacecubed online platform, attend community events, and more.

Learn about the three founders and their startups below, and discover the impact they aim to make in the world.

Jahin Tanvir, CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship

Jahin Tanvir is the CEO of The Australian School of Entrepreneurship, a community-driven and purpose-driven organisation that provides education, entrepreneurship, and employment programs to people of all ages in Australia. They offer skills-based entrepreneurship training and life skills education programs through workshops (both in-person and virtual), online courses, and events that are designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in young people.

The ASE serves over 180,000 young Australians annually, with 51% of them coming from rural, regional, and disadvantaged areas throughout the country. Through accessible programs focused on life skills, ASE are able to help young people develop an entrepreneurial mindset, adapt to their workplaces, start their own businesses, or find a balance between the two.

“I'm looking forward to bringing more young entrepreneurs into the space, and growing this community in Western Sydney.” Jahin shared when asked what he’s looking forward to this year.

You can learn more about The Australian School of Entrepreneurship via their website here.

Dmitrii Shek, MD, MRes, PhD Candidate at Western Sydney University

Dr Dmitrii Shek is currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of a world-renowned clinical academic Professor Golo Ahlenstiel. The startup aims to implement mass spectrometry and single-cell sequencing as routine diagnostic tools for oncological patients.

The idea is to create a space within Western Sydney Local Health District where patients' samples can be routinely screened with high-throughput technologies, and results can be provided to oncologists within a short period of time. His startup will create a bridge between cutting-edge basic science and clinical departments, thus paving the way for implementation of more precise and individualised cancer diagnostic programs.

Overall, it may outline a new milestone of personalised cancer immunotherapy in WSLHD, NSW or even Australia. Moreover, the mass screening of cancer patients’ samples will provide a comprehensive sequencing database which in future can be analysed for determining new therapeutic targets and/or biomarkers of immuno-oncology.

Besides elucidating the novel screening programs, the startup will also focus on working with stem cells which can be used for 3D bioprinting of gastrointestinal organs such as liver and pancreas. The reprogramming of stem cells, controlling their growth into mature organs and establishment of successful programs of their printing will markedly shift life expectancy for many patients with gastrointestinal cancers/diseases.

When we asked Dmitrii what he’s most looking forward to when it comes to working from space this year, he shared his thoughts.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and collaborating with like-minded scientists across Western Sydney. My major goal for this year is to start realising long-standing research ideas and to successfully establish/implement a novel screening program for cancer patients across Western Sydney.”

You can learn more about Dmitrii here.

Vyoma Patel, Founder of Portfolio

Vyoma Patel is the founder of Portfolio, a micro-SaaS that lets solo capitalists create and share investment memos on startups using their own shareable link.

When discussing Portfolio, Vyoma emphasises that creating impact requires investment. Expanding the pool of investors and capital for future builders is the key to democratising venture capital. The emergence of solo capitalists (high net worth or angel investors, current or second-time founders) with capital, networks, and the ability to connect current and future founders, means providing more than just capital but also support for the challenging problems that founders face.

This is beyond what traditional institutional investors in the venture capital industry can offer. Helping solo capitalists raise funding, reach a wider audience and leverage a Twitter-like network and features is how Portfolio will make an impact.

When asked what they're most looking forward to, Vyoma shared the following.

"I set myself challenging but do-able goals as a measure of progress from product builder to company builder. I am looking forward to maximising the opportunity to build upon my MVP at The Western Sydney Startup Hub. This place is inclusive of founders at all levels conducive to their growth and development. Did I mention how slick and fancy the co-working space is?"

To learn more about Portfolio, click here.

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