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Meet the 2021 Plus Eight Sprint cohort!

Jun 8, 2021

Over the next six weeks, 16 businesses will be joining us weekly at the Murdoch University CBD space for facilitated sessions, masterclasses, mentoring opportunities and peer to peer check ins as they aim to turn these early-stage startups into sustainable businesses.


Jason Bloxsidge, Founder at Learnbite, is one the founders taking part in this year’s program, who shared that he’s mostly looking forward to learning how to structure his business, and get it ready to market. Clayton Byrne, Strategic Partnerships Manager at The Home Visit Network is looking for a likeminded community. “Having flown solo up until now, I am very much looking forward to sharing my business idea with like minded startup founders in the program and in turn listening to their own business ideas.” Clayton shared.


Under the guidance of program facilitators from Skills of the Modern Age, the Sprint program is the perfect foundation for business growth. With access to mentors, alumni and the Spacecubed community, the program assists founders who are looking for that next step. 


Jason Brown, founder at Knowhow shared that he is looking forward to learning new skills. ”What I'm looking forward to the most is guidance from mentors and the accountability that it brings. I don't know what I don't know, so spending time with people who know more than me is massively helpful!”


Four participating businesses were lucky enough to receive a fully-funded position in the program after pitching their way through Startup Weekend in Perth earlier in the year. The event that runs for 54-hours and assists budding entrepreneurs to find their passion, and create a business idea by Sunday evening, has allowed for a strong pipeline of new talent, ideas and solutions in the Perth startup community.


“We have had some incredible success stories through Startup Weekend, and I’m excited to see the businesses with the best pitches progress through the Sprint program and continue to grow their ideas.” Amilia Bakhtiar Project Lead shared.


Meet the full Sprint cohort, and learn more about their businesses below.

LearnBite is a new era in teaching and learning, built for maximum student engagement. Using micro learning theory, LearnBite's building a higher education platform featuring content designed for future business leaders.


A 'hands and eyes-free quiz app' that allows students to actively learn with their voice from anywhere.


A tool to help farmers visualise and understand the composition of the soil.


The Home Visit Network
The Home Visit Network is a location specific, national directory of all home visiting services. Visitors to the site can see what services are available to them in their chosen suburb and can then contact their business of choice. Mobile businesses are therefore able to use the Home Visit Network platform to specifically target referrals based on location. This enables smaller, independent mobile businesses to grow quicker by narrowing in on their target area.


AdSocial delivers first-to-market solutions to innovative brands wanting to stand out on social media.


Start-up business that is looking to develop a platform/ecosystem called "Bubbles" for washing clothes. The Bubbles business concept is akin to Uber for washing clothes!


The massage industry primarily works on a contractor basis, with most therapists only getting 50% of what the business charges, and Massagr is looking at cutting the price of these massages by half, by going directly to the massage therapist.


Knowhow packages all the crucial finance topics from the world’s best-selling books into short and interactive mini-courses. It then guides you step-by-step through applying what you’ve learnt by helping you figure out where you are now and getting to where you want to be.


KITO Plastics Pty Ltd
KITO stands for Keep IT Onshore was founded late 2019 with a vision to be an enabler of a plastic circular economy in WA and Australia.


Be You Suits
Quality suits are expensive in Perth, my startup offers premium, affordable and durable bespoke suits.


Taboo Talks
Taboo Talks creates a moderated environment in which people can ask any questions, regardless of how stupid they may seem, to panelists who represent an under-talked about area. With a primarily focus on LGBTQ+ people and how to better bridge the gap of understanding between the LGBTQ+ community and the broader community.


envited is the first app that connects you to all your friends across all social media platforms you use. We want you to be able to invite your friends, and they invite you, to events, regardless of which platform you use. We want to make sure you never miss an event again.


TrustEat Revolutionary solution for the dark world of fake and paid reviews for the dining scene. Creating a trusted relationship between the foodie and the restaurant. The world’s first benchmarker for a proven solution for quality control and staff assessment. Our vision is to have a transparent review system that’s actually made by YOU!