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Meet Christian Amarille, one of Spacecubed’s creative members at the Western Sydney Startup Hub

Aug 2, 2023

Christian Amarille has been working towards launching Polymath Graphic Design for the last 2 years and recently took the plunge to get it underway 2 months ago. The company takes pride in creating timeless and sustainable design solutions, from logos to wedding invitations. His first commission was from a friend who wanted 10 illustrations to go with her short stories, and from there his series “Dream Aquatic" was born.

As a local to the area, Christian discovered the Western Sydney Startup Hub on one of his weekend walks.

“The convenience of the location drew me in, but also working out of a heritage space is very inspiring. Definitely gets the creative juices flowing.”

“I had the privilege of going to a sandstone university (National Art School) and in some ways I feel that same vibe surrounded by all that heritage. Both sites are former jails!” Christian shared.

When asked what opportunities he has been presented with since joining the community, Christian shared the following.

All the chance meetings I've had have led to plenty of work opportunities. Like for instance I met a fashion designer by chance and we ended up exchanging details and from there I took on a job doing fabric design."

Christian is currently working on a commission which combines photographs with illustration. This opportunity came up through a conversation with another member, Adarsh who is the lead consultant at Oysterhub. Christian is also workshopping on teaching art & design lessons that can be taught on site at the Western Sydney Startup Hub.

"My business has bloomed since I've started working as a Spacecubed member. It has been an investment that has grown! I've made a lot of connections with other like minded founders and entrepreneurs. These conversations have been fruitful, I've always learnt from them and the odd job opportunity here and there.” Christian concluded.

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