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Keep These 5 Perth Tech Startups on your Radar in 2019

Sep 11, 2019


Since their business inception in 2016, KeepSpace and founder, Jesse Emia, have continued to rapidly grow, supporting the ecommerce community. Through the teams use of technology, skills and logistics, they’ve been able to create the best synergy for online ecommerce providers that are selling their goods across multiple platforms. In June 2019, KeepSpace launched overnight shipping, getting products that are under 5kg into their customers hands next day from the West to the East.

Check out their very first soft launch held at Spacecubed here!

Uno Group

Joining our very first Plus Eight accelerator program in 2017 as Feedmee, Uno Group have now rebranded as the next generation of consumer insights for the omnichannel world. Co founders Tyler Spooner and Brenda Lai have built their business on the foundation of technology, creativity and business insights, allowing for continuous and rapid growth across the industry.

Humm Technologies

Humm's vision is simple, to replace all medication and supplementation for the brain with healthier, safer technology that nurtures our mental capabilities, and this is something they’ve both set out for since joining our Plus Eight accelerator program, and have now achieved. Humm’s wearable device was launched this year, providing users with "neurostimulation" that works to improve your memory. Following the launch of this wearable tech, Humm announced they received their first order of 1,000 patches from the United States Air Force!

Latitude 28 Produce

Latitude 28° is the amalgamation of two long standing Australian livestock families, the Williamsons and the Mortons. With the guidance of these families, the team provides the international markets with premium Australian Beef with a strong focus on maintaining and potentially improving the positive consumer perceptions of Australian produce.


Since launching in 2015, Miles Burke and the team behind 6Q have been continuously growing across the globe. Creating a fast and effective way to measure employee happiness and collect feedback, 6Q has users from over 1,000 organisations in more than 35 countries. 

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