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Introducing Perth Landing Pad participant, Tiffany Brillard, who is working towards international success

Jenna Roberts
May 9, 2024

Introducing Tiffany Brillard, a freelance UX/UI designer and current participant of our Perth Landing Pad program, supported by the City of Perth and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

One of our flagship programs, Perth Landing Pad offers the chance for international startups and scaleups to expand their offering into global businesses based in Western Australia. The program offers ongoing support, go-to market strategies, access to coworking space, events, investor mentoring and much more.

We recently sat down with Tiffany to learn more about her business journey and discover why she wants to scale her offerings internationally, from France to Australia and beyond. 

“After studying biology and communications, I worked in a company for a year as a communications assistant.” She began. “After that, I couldn't find any work with my experience in Toulouse and going to Paris was out of the question, so I returned to my studies to become a UX/UI designer.”

As part of her course, Tiffany was required to do an internship and she had a desire to complete it at a web agency or a big company, sharing the following.

“Thanks to my network, I managed to find my internship at Air France! I was in charge of redesigning an internal website that allowed employees to purchase plane tickets at preferential rates.” 

“Following this internship, I was offered a freelance mission, and of course I accepted! I always knew deep down that I wanted to be self-employed.” She shared. 

During this time working freelance, Tiffany worked on different projects, including creating visual identities for applications, redesigning SaaS tools and building posters for internal events. Unfortunately, this work stopped during the pandemic. But according to Tiffany, the crisis became a source of new opportunities. 

“Thanks to my network, I was able to start giving distance learning and then face-to-face lessons in different Toulouse schools. I developed and sustained my business by working for companies of different sizes and in different sectors.”

“In doing so, I got to work with companies throughout French and French-speaking territory. And my goal is to work with companies all over the world!”

Tiffany is currently hoping to achieve international success with help of the Perth Landing Pad program and expand her network. She is currently working on the creation of a mobile application to manage your finances, as well as a photography website she designed to highlight the photos taken during her travels.

Tiffany’s goals include putting her skills and expertise at the service of local businesses in order to resolve their problems, train future designers and project managers, and lead conferences on UX/UI topics to make this area accessible and understandable to as many people as possible.

Another goal of Tiffany’s is to contribute to the economy through creating an agency and she shared the following.

“I could create jobs by setting up an agency specialising in UX/UI design in Perth and supporting large Australian companies in the aeronautics, mining sectors and even Australian government stakeholders. This would contribute to the development of the city in the digital sector at local and national level.”

If you’re an international or interstate startup or scaleup looking to expand into Western Australia, learn more and apply now for our year-round program via our website here!

Photo credit- Anne-Sophie More