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Introducing Our Intensify Scholar: Ryan Beckmand

Aug 24, 2018

What is your startup?

Sciocity is an early stage start-up with a mission to revolutionize skill based education by offering Virtual Reality learning solutions for TAFEs, universities, secondary schools, and large companies around WA. Thanks to the awesome development team I pulled together, not only have we almost developed our first Virtual Reality simulation demo but have also been able to create a unique Artificial Intelligence that will make it not just engaging, but challenging and responsive to the user.

What was the inspiration behind your startup?

When I started working on Sciosity in February 2015, I was in my third year obtaining my Bachelor of Commerce. I was driven by an immense frustration with my own and my peer’s tertiary education being so focused on ‘theoretical understanding’ rather than practical skills that can be applied to what for most of us will be demanding and complex work environment. I started Sciosity with the intention of simply creating a better, more engaging way to learn. However, I eventually realized the application of Virtual Reality technology to schools, TAFEs, universities and even corporate HR departments have a staggering potential to enhance the way anyone can learn. My team and I each share a common vision of wanting to see an education delivery system that works for everyone and can make WA’s students truly workplace ready by giving them relevant, tailored and practical experiences.

What are your goals for the next month?

My goals for the next month consist of two core activities; Research and Development, and Business Development. Business Development will consist of going out there to as many schools, institutions, and companies as possible to show them what Sciosity’s VR is capable of with our demo product (MVP). By the end of the month we should have our first solidified client and will be developing a customized simulation for their students, which will lead into extensive R&D to create a simulation tailored to the requirements and specifications of the institution.

Where do you expect your startup to be in 3 months time?

Within 3 months, I see Sciosity implementing VR technology in at least one educational institution and one corporate HR department. The only question at that point will be “What’s Next?”, and the answer for me will be to keep going. There’s always going to be more people out there in need of a practical and engaging education.