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Intensify Scholar – Kim Green

Feb 8, 2018

What is your startup?

My startup is yet to be named but it is a medication reminder that takes things one step further than anything else on the market.

What was the inspiration behind your startup?I personally have to take medication every day and I often forget or find myself wondering if I have taken it that day already. While my condition is not as serious, others who take medication can’t afford to miss even one dose. The implications can be life threatening. The World Health Organisation has produced a study stating that at least 50% of medication is not taken correctly. Hospitalisations alone due to not taking medication correctly cost Australia in excess of $600M a year.

What are your goals for the next month?

During the next month my goals are to acquire the Intellectual Property rights to my idea and verify that the design and structure of my application lends itself to security and scalability. My final goal for the month is to find ways to fund the building and marketing of the application.

Where do you expect your startup to be in 3 months’ time?

I would like to see the application in beta testing, I already have a test group ready to go. Whatever else happens will depend on the outcome of various meetings I am still yet to have.