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Humans of Spacecubed: Garth Kearvell

Aug 24, 2018

Why did you decide to become a member of Spacecubed?

“After leaving the ‘corporate’ world, I had over 25 years worth of experience, and wished to not simply see it go to waste – so I decided to use my superpowers for good, and become involved as a business mentor.

There is an emerging mentality in the start-up scene that it’s ‘better to ask forgiveness than to seek permission’. This is a dangerous and potentially costly philosophy, so any advice / information / education that I can provide to help start-ups minimise their mistakes and expenses is beneficial… oh… that, and keeping them out of jail…!”

What has your experience been like so far?

“My experience to date has been very positive – it’s fantastic to become involved in the energy of Spacecubed and see various projects emerge.

I’m especially interested in the non-tech start-ups, as there seems to be a large focus on tech and ‘apps’…

Anyone who comes up with an original idea or improvement on a current idea or method outside of the tech space is always worth a look!”

 What do you love the most about the Spacecubed community?

“The community is very egalitarian – it doesn’t matter who you know or which school you went to…

All contacts and assistance are valuable, regardless of source – as many people are working on a myriad of exciting projects and you never know where great contacts or help will come from!”

When did you first join Spacecubed?

I first met Brodie not long after Spacecubed was established, however, it took until the start of 2014 for me to ‘officially’ join.

Any business links, professional bios links, projects you are working on etc …

Garth Kearvell / NonnaVoce Pty Ltd