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How Spacecubed members, Plico, are providing power for the future of Perth

Sep 12, 2022

Plico has a mission to revolutionise energy in WA, and exists to push the envelope, create positive change, and help move the grid away from coal in order to rewrite Australia’s energy future.

Starting with ambitious beginnings, the mission behind Plico hasn’t changed in the four years since they were established. In 2018, their first home base was in FLUX, and following this they had a short tenure ‘on the outside’, before returning to the very same office in FLUX in 2022.

The company can attribute their move back to FLUX to a few factors, including wanting a central location, sustainable transportation options, and they felt FLUX was ‘home’, as they feel connected to the shared values Spacecubed holds, being a social enterprise.

"While the view from our office may be the same, as a business we are certainly very different. We now have 18 full time staff and install more than 22% of all solar and battery installations in Western Australia and we are continuing on a growth trajectory,” CEO of Plico, Robbie Campbell stated.

Plico are relentless when it comes to pursuing their core reason for being, to make clean energy affordable and accessible to every Australian household by 2040, and they do this by disrupting and challenging the existing solar industry.

“Fundamentally, the solar industry has worked a certain way for a long time – focusing only on solar panels of varying quality, and charging huge upfront costs for installation, but recently, the sector has shifted.”

When asked about the challenges of the sector, Robbie shared that feed-in tariffs are low and consumers no longer get a return on the energy they produce. "Installing solar panels does half the job, but to get the greatest return, we believe batteries should always come included with solar panels."

"Then, you can generate, store and control your energy use, and a bonus is that you don’t need to pay a huge upfront cost to get onto a solar and battery system anymore, instead we’ve created a subscription model that’s based on a low weekly fee so that households can get into solar and they can see the returns immediately.”

“Of course we need our business to be successful, but we are equally driven by a bigger goal. We are driven to change Australia’s energy future and the only way to do that is to have more people using affordable, clean energy,” He continued.

Plico differentiates themselves from competitors by focussing on understanding what their customers and future customers not only need, but want. Research insights have helped them to co-create a product, service and business model that helps people get into sustainable solar and battery.

They have crafted a product and service offering that will:

  • Help people generate, store and control how they use their energy. 
  • Help people save money on their energy bills, without huge upfront costs.
  • Help everyone use less fossil fuels.  
  • Help Australia reach NetZero by 2050. 
  • Change our energy future.

The team at Plico would love to chat and connect with other Spacecubed members, and are able to help both households and businesses shift to using clean energy (they are located on level 6 at FLUX). Alternatively, If you want to find out what your savings could look like, they also have a savings calculator on their website which you can access here.


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