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How PackaPill is changing the medtech industry & supporting Spacecubed members along the way

Jul 6, 2021

Two years ago, two men had a simple idea – that individuals should be able to connect to a network of on-demand health services “as easily as sending a text”. Thiru Rajendran and Lenin Rajendran saw that the macro trend towards on-demand services in other industries was the way of the future for the health services industry. In a chance discussion with Thiru’s local GP Vishnu, the co-founding trio was born and Vishnu became an early stage investor. With Vishnu’s insight firsthand into GP and Pharmacy practices the team saw an opportunity to not just disrupt the industry, but to leverage their technology to revolutionise the way that pharmacies service their customers, making Packapill what it is today.


When asked about the medtech industry, and where it currently lies within Western Australian, the PackaPill team shared that medtech is an interesting and diverse space. “There is a lot of ambition both nationally, but also here in Western Australia.” They shared. “Consumers are still adjusting to medtech and how it can benefit their lives. There is a lot of fear around privacy and around security of data. And rightly so really, as Australian’s we take our health and our privacy seriously. One of our biggest challenges has been to make sure customers know their data is safe, their medicine is safe and that the service we provide complies with federal standards for management of health data.”


With few competitors in the market in WA, all businesses have differing Unique Selling Points. “At Packapill we really wanted to focus on a couple of key things – making sure we designed for the variety of individuals using our platform, given chronic health problems can result in vision or reading impairments or many other factors that sometimes making using technology more difficult, we wanted to hero ease of use through all our design.” 


“We also wanted to focus on making our pharmacies the champion of the platform. It is designed to offer an extension to their existing business models, offering a delivery service that is simple, easy to use and quick – for both them and their customer. The platform for pharmacies is built in such a way that pharmacists can send orders to their customers in a few taps. We are getting lots of great feedback from both pharmacies and customers, and that has been important to us.”


After recently joining the Spacecubed community, PackaPill have found themselves surrounded by a variety of inspiring people. “We’ve been able to connect with aspirational business leaders and companies, and more generally our team has loved being part of a community that supports growth, living your vision and creating products and services that are for the greater good of all.”

“And what’s more, many of our current team members were introduced to us through someone within the Spacecubed community! Having that support has been critical through the various stages of our business.”


With the increase in traffic throughout the lockdown periods, and the need for on-demand health services, PackaPill are offering Spacecubed members the chance to try their app and access $10 off their order* for the first two orders. (*prescriptions excluded). 


Download the app today, and order prescription medicine, over the counter medicine and all other items you would usually buy at the pharmacy to keep your family healthy and well. Your order will be delivered in under 3 hours, or at a time convenient to you. Speak to your Community Host to access the discount code today.

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