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How Descartes Labs is revolutionising geospatial intelligence in WA through Perth Landing Pad

Jul 8, 2024

The Perth Landing Pad program, supported by the City of Perth and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, is designed to support high-growth international and interstate startups and scale-ups as they enter and expand within the Western Australian market. The program provides extensive support, including online resources, industry connections, personalised mentoring, and specialised masterclasses. By fostering these connections and offering essential tools, Perth Landing Pad aims to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in Western Australia.

Descartes Labs, established nearly a decade ago after spinning out of Los Alamos Labs, has emerged as a leader in geospatial intelligence. Known for developing one of the world’s top 500 fastest supercomputers, Descartes Labs transforms complex datasets such as satellite imagery, weather data, and market information, into actionable insights. These intelligence-ready signals help organisations make informed decisions to address critical issues.

We recently sat down with Paddy Brennan, Business Development Director at Descartes Labs, who shared the following.

“I joined the team in early 2024, starting in London before moving to Perth, excited to bring these innovative solutions to the Australian market.”

“Currently I'm focusing on introducing Descartes Labs' capabilities to the Australian market, showcasing how our products solve real-world challenges. We use hyperspectral analysis for rapid mineral deposit identification in mining, provide detailed natural fire/flood peril data for precise insurance risk assessment, and deliver daily crop health insights for optimised precision farming.”

“With the Australian government spending $100M annually on earth observation (EO) data and the cancellation of planned domestic satellites, we see a significant opportunity to support Australia's near-term need for high-quality, reliable EO data from commercial providers.” He added.

Discussing what Descartes Labs is hoping to achieve from the program, Paddy shared, “We aim to gain market insights and accelerate our go-to-market efforts in Australia. The mentorship and networking opportunities will be invaluable as we navigate this new market.”

“We strive to become an integral partner to Australian government agencies and businesses looking to leverage geospatial analytics for success. Given Australia's strong ground-based calibration and validation capabilities, we also see potential for collaboration to further enhance the quality and reliability of our EO data.” He added.

When asked what expanding to Western Australia looks like to them, Paddy shared the following.

“Expanding into Western Australia is a strategic move for Descartes Labs, particularly in light of the government's Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030.”

“With its rich geological reserves and expertise in extracting minerals, WA is well-positioned to seize the opportunities of the clean energy transition. Our geospatial intelligence capabilities can help mining companies identify critical mineral deposits more efficiently, support sustainable supply chains, and create economic opportunities for regional and First Nations communities.” He added.

Expanding into new markets often requires businesses to adapt in order to succeed. When asked about their adjustments for the Australian market, Paddy explained, “We are building a localised team with strong industry expertise and adapting our messaging and use cases to resonate with the specific challenges and opportunities in WA.”

He added, “We're committed to working closely with Australian partners to understand and address the unique barriers and opportunities facing the industry and community.”

If you're an international or interstate startup or scale-up looking to expand into Western Australia, discover how Perth Landing Pad can accelerate your growth. Learn more and apply today!