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How Coursebox Co-Founder, Alex Hey, is helping drive the future of digital education through AI

Feb 12, 2024

Coursebox is an AI course creator that streamlines online course creation, allowing its users to effortlessly design a course structure within seconds. Through Coursebox, users are able to rapidly build content with minor adjustments, generate draft structures and content, convert documents and videos, and captivate learners with interactive quizzes and engaging videos.

We recently sat down with Coursebox Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Hey, who shared with us his business journey, what his goals for 2024 are, and what he loves about being a part of the Spacecubed community.

When asked about how his business journey began, Alex shared that he has a background in digital marketing and always really wanted to start his own tech company, but initially wasn't sure exactly what that company would be.

“At the start of 2022, I began looking for ways to find a business partner, realising that bringing all the skills required to build a really successful business was going to be challenging. I had a particular interest in finding someone from a technical background who already had an idea that was validated.”

“This is when I met my current business partner, who had already built an amazing platform for online training, and who successfully attracted some very legitimate clients, but had struggled to grow without someone to drive marketing. He had all this customer feedback from the work he did so far and also had some great ideas on where to take the product next.” Alex added.

Discussing what he’s working on at the moment, Alex shared that he’s focusing on the marketing of their AI powered course creation software, Coursebox, and improving the general product.

“My main focus for 2024 include continuing to grow our organic traffic on our website through SEO, attracting more high value clients, and improving our product as we move closer to achieving product market-fit to optimise retention.” He shared.

Sharing one of his favourite success stories to date, Alex stated that it would have to be how much the company and product has developed and grown since its inception in 2022.

“Our growth really took a massive positive turn when we made the shift to incorporate AI into our product.”

“Initially we had stayed away from this, thinking it would be too challenging from a technical standpoint, but once we began to see the advancements in the tech available like ChatGPT, and realised it wasn't going to be as hard as we'd thought, we pivoted into incorporating AI.”

“Now we've grown to over 20,000 users, have 200 paying customers and $10k MRR since we launched the AI course creator about 6 months ago in mid-2023.”

“We’re ranked #1 in the world on Google for search terms like AI course creator. So the biggest success so far in my eyes is seeing our first sales and seeing the positive difference we are making to customers.” He added.

When asked why he chose to base himself at Spacecubed, Alex shared “there's some amazing and very supportive people that you can learn a lot from at Spacecubed, particularly through some of the events held in the space.”

“Being able to expand my network and make the most of pitching opportunities has come as a result of being a part of the community.” He concluded.

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