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How corporations are using coworking to drive growth, collaboration and innovation

Jul 24, 2019

Throughout the last few years, we’re seeing an increase in larger WA corporates using our spaces to innovate, collaborate and facilitate change. With younger generations bringing in new technologies, values, and practices, steadily redefining the professional landscape into one that favors flexibility over stability, many larger corporations have been forced to adapt. These include companies like Google, BHP, RAC and Landgate, looking for a community of passionate changemakers.

The modern coworker pursues goals, collaborates, networks, is constantly seeking professional development and attending workshops and events, and uses a shared workspace to suit their working style, enhancing their productivity and connectivity.

If you haven’t tried coworking, and are looking to kickstart your business idea, here are just a few ways in which coworking can suit you and your business.


Coworking isn’t simply the act of working next to each other as individuals. Corporates have begun to immerse themselves with creative thinkers allowing them to collaborate, network and explore new channels to drive results and growth. With hackathons, weekly professional development events, meetups and think tanks operating all the time in the Spacecubed community, food for thought and innovation is aplenty across our spaces.  


The idea of intrapreneurship makes it easier for corporates to retain their creative talent, innovating and collaborating on new solutions to complex problems. Flexible workspaces offer a great balance, and intrapreneurs can work to their highest standard in their most comfortable working style possible.

Branded Presence

Corporates often seek to retain their brand identity when they cowork, so we’ve shaped our coworking solutions to fit this need. With private office space and team hubs available, you can keep your brand presence known while being a part of a large community. 

Something for Everyone

Providing a place where a group of people, teams and larger businesses can work together, coworking is designed to function like a regular office space, but look and feel completely different from the traditional desk-and-chair setup. Being a part of a shared workspace immerses you in a startup culture, allowing corporates to become agile, accelerating their growth and productivity in a new style of working. 

If you’re interested in learning more about coworking, join us on August 8th for International Coworking Day, as we open up both spaces to the public to come and cowork with us! RSVP here if you’d like to attend.