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How Can Coworking Help My Business Grow?

Oct 23, 2019

In 2011, when the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUU) started, there were a little over 700 coworking spaces in the world. Today, more than 25,000 coworking spaces are available across the world, with The Instant Group predicting almost 50,000 spaces globally by 2022.

While working from home may seem exciting at first, after a while, you want to get out of the house and go somewhere else to work. Many people find the distractions of home offices lowering their productivity, while some find that it distorts the balance between work and play, affecting business owners mental health.

A recent blog on Beyond Blue shares that “Coworking can be an excellent way to meet and connect with new people, which is so important to our wellbeing. It provides us with a platform we can use to support one another and create a positive workplace culture.”

So, whether you’ve been working from home and looking to increase your productivity, or growing your team and looking for low overheads, coworking provides business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs with an easy, cost-effective solution that also benefits their overall wellbeing! 

And more than that, there are a range of advantages of collaborative working from expanding your network to having access to a pool of diverse talent. Members of a coworking community will also have the ability and flexibility to grow and expand as needed. 

To prove this theory, we chatted with members of our community to find out how coworking has helped their business grow. 

Neil Matthams, founder of Functionn, shares that “The best thing about the Spacecubed community is that you're surrounded by like minded people who are in the same boat as you. There is, therefore, a natural synergy that connects everyone and makes for a productive working environment where everyone is willing to help each other.” 

While James Royce, loves the diversity and inclusivity of the space.” It’s a real testament to the businesses that make up the space that we see real diversity across the space,” he says.

And Camille le Goff, who works remotely for Mash Media which is located in Sydney, shares that “Riff is a great place to connect and see “real people”, it’s nice to come into the office and feel part of the community. I also love the fact that every week there is so much happening for the members such as events and get togethers. I found these great for breaking up my routine and keep learning new things.” 

So, whether you’re a tech startup based in Perth, a small business looking for new opportunities, or a freelancer who just needs to get out of the house, book a tour today and see how coworking can help your business grow.

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