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How accelerator programs are supporting Perth startups

Aug 24, 2018

One of the programs featured on Spacecubed’s busy events calendar is the Vocus Upstart accelerator program. The 3-month program invests directly into the business or startup, combining a creative edge, with industry leading business experience. This means that after the 3-month program ends, Vocus Upstart stays invested in the successes of a startup right into the future – establishing a truly sustainable socio-economic bond.

With the Vocus Upstart program applications opening this month, I sat down with Managing Director Rob Nathan and put him to the test in order to learn more.

Matt: “What benefit does joining the Vocus Upstart program have for a startup?”

Rob: “We have an amazing network of mentors to help you with everything you need to launch a successful startup from incorporating your company, launching your first product through to raising capital”. 

Matt: “What assurances do you have that startups will grow under the guidance of the program?”

Rob: “In-depth analysis with data from more than 650 startups as part of the Startup Genome Project found that startups that have helpful mentors, track metrics effectively, and learn from startup thought leaders have 3.5 times better user growth. Vocus Upstart provides startups with exactly that.” 

Matt: “Why do you feel it's important to be part of this program?”

Rob: “Vocus Upstart is built on and integrated with the existing startup ecosystem in Perth.  You are not just part of a program but you are joining a community of like minded entrepreneurs making a difference.” 

Matt: “What's your biggest vocus upstart success story or best memory from a previous program?”

Rob: “Demo Day at the end of the program was the greatest success and my favourite memory. To see how eight startups can grow and evolve over three months is inspiring – and a privilege to be part of. It sets an example to the Perth community that diversity of industries is essential.” 

Matt: “What drives you as the Managing Director of Vocus Upstart? Where are your passions? What thrills do you get from being part of the program?”

Rob: “When I was a young graduate I had the opportunity to work as Product Manager for a global technology company with a head office in Perth, employing over 1000 people at its peak. Those job opportunities do not exist in Perth today. I am driven to ensure that the next generation has the same job opportunities that I had. All the startups we are working with have the potential to fill that void which is really exciting.” 

Applications for the Vocus Upstart program opened in March and close Monday 2nd May. The program winners will be announced on the 31st May and commencement for the accelerator starts 1st August. In order to give your startup the best shot with Vocus Upstart, apply early here.

Matt Kirk