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How a legal agency found itself suited to coworking

Aug 24, 2018

At Spacecubed and FLUX, we believe in working productively, and working to suit your individual needs. In 2016, we’ve seen our member base grow, and with the opening of our latest coworking space, FLUX, we’ve seen a greater demand for coworking and resident desks.

With new and exciting innovation and startup accelerator programmes, partnerships with corporations looking to innovate, and with some great new events aiding professional development, we decided to find out about the coworking experience of one of our long standing resident desk members at Spacecubed.

Why coworking?

According to recent research on coworking by OfficeVibe.com featured on the Huffington Post, by the year 2020, 40% of the global workforce will be comprised of freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups and independent contractors.

Hector Alvarado, Director and Migration Agent at Latmigration.com.au, has been a resident desk member for over 3 years with his legal agency assisting migration, and since joining, has felt like he’s part of something bigger than his immediate business.

“There’s a real sense of community at Spacecubed, and by engaging with like minded entrepreneurs and businesspeople from different sectors, I’m able to be more dynamic in the way I do business,” Hector told us.

Another statistic coming out of OfficeVibe.com’s recent research was that 91% of all coworkers have better interactions with others, after coworking hours. Essentially, networking and communicative skills are improved after experience in a coworking space.

“I am constantly using Spacecubed's meeting rooms and occasionally hold legal seminars in the Vocus Vault meeting room, meaning my communicative skills are tried and tested all the time,” Hector continued.

"For a Legal migration agency, it's vital we're in the city, and Spacecubed provides us permanent desks, and retains our needs to work on the move and flexibly," said Hector. 

Find out more about coworking

Find out more OfficeVibe.com's stats here including; an increase in productivity, higher incomes for coworkers, greater relaxation and confidence in the workplace and a greater level of workplace satisfaction in the coworking space.  

Join our community and try coworking to optimise your productivity at Spacecubed here