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How a cyber security company found themselves at Spacecubed

Aug 24, 2018

With even more resident desk space now available at both Spacecubed and FLUX, we’ve decided to write this week’s member profile on a company who have been resident desk members for a little over a year now at Spacecubed.

Hivint (www.hivint.com) was established in 2015 to fundamentally change the way professional information security services are provided and accessed in the Australian markets. With a community driven security vision, Hivint’s core structure and high level security services focus specifically on community, collaboration and innovation, make them the perfect fit for the Spacecubed community.

“As a cyber-security business that provides consulting and online services, we’re very different from other members at Spacecubed, and we like that. When starting Hivint in Perth we had to decide between individually working from home, having a small, dedicated space, or establishing ourselves in a coworking environment," said Aaron Doggett.

"The decision was easy; the flexibility and diversity we get from operating within a coworking space easily outweigh the alternatives,” Aaron Doggett of Hivint explained.

Our resident desk memberships give members access to their own personal space, as well as retaining the key principles of coworking that’s been established at Spacecubed over recent years; notably encouraging collaboration, and the creating of ideas.  

“We’ve also seen the benefits that services such as, the mentorship program, community lunches & drinks, and continuous weekly events, bring to members. The environment really helps people develop professionally, identify and develop great new ideas, and generally get the most out of their time,” said Hivint employee Tom Jreige.

“Spacecubed is a great balance for a business like ours, obviously confidentiality and privacy are important requirements for much of our work, and through the private meeting rooms and similar spaces, these needs are catered for when we need to complete sensitive activities,” Mr Doggett added.

Resident desks offer balance to a community on the go. With focused hot desking zones, along with collaborative and more social zones to network, we offer a range of memberships which suit the working style of each individual member, and the resident desk is our answer to the requirement of a permanent space. 

“We have a small Perth team with grand plans, and we definitely see Spacecubed being there with us along the way. Having grown to an Australian wide team of over 20 in less than 18 months, the ability to scale up and down as required; balancing our permanent desks with flexible working spaces that suit our needs is very important. Plus, the CBD location provides a perfect central point for our team, putting us close to our core client base,” Aaron concluded.

Join Hivint and collaborate at Spacecubed today.