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Get to know Spacecubed member, Dan Paech, Co-Founder and CEO of Loumee

Feb 7, 2023

We recently sat down with Spacecubed member Dan Paech who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Loumee to ask him more about his business journey, what he’s working on at the moment and what drew him to joining the Spacecubed community.

Loumee is a game-based learning platform for teams, which provides digital games and activities alongside tools backed by the latest research in Organisational Psychology, for data-driven learning, engagement and development.

When asked how his business journey began, Dan shared that he first thought about starting his own business when he moved from London to Stockholm in 2014.

“I moved into a co-living and co-working space with 10 people in the middle of the city and while I was there I met a lot of inspiring people who were working in tech start-ups or running their own businesses.”

“That was the early inspiration, but it wasn’t until 2018 when I met my co-founder Anna on a kayaking trip in the Stockholm archipelago where things started to progress more seriously and we created the beginnings of what is now our business, Loumee.” Dan continued.

When asked what they’re currently working on at Loumee, and their goals for 2023, Dan shared the following.

“It’s an exciting time for us at the moment as we raised pre-seed capital in 2022 which allowed us to further develop our platform and in 2023 we are planning to raise a seed investment round to continue to grow our team and accelerate our growth.”

“Aside from that, in 2023 we’ll continue to work closely with our existing customers - primarily in Learning and Development, Human Resources and Leadership, to ensure we are building the experiences and tools they need, and to grow our customer base.” He continued.

When asked what drew him to joining the Spacecubed community, Dan shared that he grew up in Perth and has known about the space since its foundation, as Spacecubed Founder, Brodie McCulloch is an old friend from University.

“I have always been impressed by the events and community and loved the friendly atmosphere and inclusiveness I experienced when I dropped in to co-work at FLUX in the past.” 

“When we decided to relocate our family to Perth in November last year, Spacecubed was the obvious choice for me. With our team at Loumee mostly distributed across Europe and the US, it’s nice to have the possibility to meet people and be social during the Perth working day.” Dan continued.

Discussing his favourite success stories, Dan went on to share two memorable moments, with the first one originating from the beginning of the pandemic, in early 2020.

“We had built an online team engagement program and soon after announcing its release were contacted by a team from Microsoft. Despite their whole team being in lockdown and spread across the world, we were able to provide a medium through which they could engage and have fun daily, ensuring they maintained their sanity and continued to develop their personal relationships while working remotely. It was a lot of fun and a lightbulb moment for us realising that remote and distributed teams were being underserved, and that we could create meaningful experiences to help address that.”

“The second success story I'd like to mention was working with a large not-for-profit organisation in 2022 to organise a series of games that they used in their global scholarship recruitment program. Around 700 students from over 50 different countries played our games and the Program Coordinators told us that the games were really helpful for assisting selection as they highlighted individual performance in a team environment under pressure, and that the students' rated the games as their favourite part of the program. It was rewarding to know we struck that balance so well.” He continued.

To conclude, Dan wanted to share that he loves meeting new people and has just moved back to Perth, so if anyone wants to reach out, say hello and have a chat over a coffee, to reach out directly via email at dan.paech@loumee.co

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