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Get to know Greg Mitchinson and Amy Miocevich, Co-Founders of Quarterback, and part of the Plus Eight Accelerator program

Aug 15, 2023

Quarterback was recently announced to be a part of Phase One of the 2023 Plus Eight Accelerator program. The startup helps publicly listed companies cultivate support from retail investors. 

We recently sat down with Co-founder of Quarterback, Greg Mitchinson to find out how their business journey began, sharing that they started life consulting for companies on the ASX, creating content with inspiring narratives to attract and retain shareholders.

Quarterback believes that public companies can't measure the effectiveness of their external communications on the thing that it aims to improve, share price. 

“We’ve gotten very good at understanding the data, more specifically how the different types of communications would impact share activity.”

“With a public company being able to understand what is driving movement in their share price being so valuable, we wanted to take our learnings to the world through a scalable solution.” He continued.

Quarterback’s solution is taking the guesswork out of communications, and providing companies with the insights and data to improve how they market their stock to the world.

Greg shares that the people and progress are what they love about being a part of the Plus Eight Accelerator program, and they are overwhelmed by the support they’ve received through the program so far.

“The partners and mentors involved in the accelerator program truly care about the cohort of startups. This support is invaluable while we're growing our business.”

“Secondly the Plus Eight environment fosters progress through its intensity. The speed at which we're building can not be replicated elsewhere.” Greg shared.

Lastly, we asked Quarterback what makes them stand out from competitors, and they shared the following.

“We've been building our MVP with the support of 15 CEOs of publicly listed companies. These CEOs are helping us to shape the product, through their insights into their pain points and feedback on the first iterations of the MVP.”

“Being so close to the customer gives us the confidence that we're building a product that will offer a valuable solution to a problem we understand.” He concluded.

The Plus Eight Accelerator program is one of Australia’s leading accelerator programs, helping local startups scale globally through seed funding, international immersions and world class mentoring. To learn more about the program, click here.