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Join us for an evening to celebrate Female Founders in the energy & resources sector!

Oct 30, 2020

With a focus on supporting female founders, we developed this eight week entrepreneurship program to support aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business concepts, be connected with mentoring and assistance building networks throughout Australia, as well as give them access to our local alumni platform. 

Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve hosted facilitated workshops to explore a focus topic, created virtual connections with mentors to hear first hand their experience and advice and worked through practical assignments with peer-to-peer check-ins all while leveraging an online platform with structured, customised and curated content to boost the learnings for each participant.

When asked what she was most looking forward to in the program, Annette, founder of Tekuma shared, “I’m mostly looking forward to digging deep into the mining and energy sector. We’re keen to see what partners we might establish there and what new applications we can see our technology making an impact on training, safety, and ease of use.”

While for Michelle, founder of Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc. she was looking forward to diving into the Australian market. “Our company is mainly based in Canada, but my husband and I lived in Adelaide from 2006-2009, and I am looking forward to reconnecting with Australian geologists who are working in the mineral exploration and mining industry.”

With the last eight weeks of learnings and practical experience put into place, join us for a Virtual Pitch Night to explore how each participant has grown during the program, and where they’re headed next.

The businesses you'll be hearing from are:

Digital Twinning Australia: Digital Twinning Australia is an Australian woman-founded, owned and operated start-up business with a focus on digital strategic asset management for the energy, resources and infrastructure industries.

Trashd: Trashd produces various types of fuels (e.g. diesel) and carbon black (used in tyres) from plastic waste.

Camp Connect: Camp Connect is an enterprise software and mobile application for remote Mining, Resources and Construction accommodation sites, to provide on-hand access to essential site, accommodation, mental health and wellbeing information, coordination of sports & social events, emergency response, GPS mapping, and travel management to create the ultimate worker experience.

Tekuma: Tekuma has developed a one-handed six-degrees-of-freedom control orb for drones, robots & other devices. It is robust, universal, and intuitive. It reduces the time, cost, personnel, and training required to get jobs done.

Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc. For mining companies that want to extract raw materials in a more sustainable manner while maximizing profits and better supporting the development of clean technology, Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc. has developed the geoLOGr hyperspectral rock analyzer. 

GRAS Energy: GRAS Energy to initiate creation of member based organisation - Energy Storage Consortium WA that will serve as an expert resource to energy storage-related companies and organizations seeking assistance to grow their businesses in WA. 

Environmental Consultancy: Aim is to establish a profitable and sustainable business leveraging key strengths in environmental strategy, risk management and regulatory engagement, and gaining recognition for delivery of exceptional service by providing high quality pragmatic risk based outcomes in line with customer needs.

Don’t miss out on joining us for this exciting night to celebrate Female Founders! Grab your free ticket here and we’ll save you a seat in the virtual audience.

Meet some of the founders! Michelle from Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc. and Annette from Tekuma. Follow the CORE Innovation Hub blog posts for more updates on each founder.