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Female Focus - Madelene Ryan

Mar 12, 2018


Madelene Ryan made the big move from London to Perth mid last year in order to support her partners career. WIth a blank slate and limited interesting employment opportunities available, the move was the perfect opportunity to take the leap and start her own business. Inspired by concepts like the, “four-hour work week”, Madelene spent some time dabbling in a number of products with the goal of  automating her income. Using her background in marketing and cosmetics, she soon discovered that there was a real undeserved local niche market in B2B wholesaling of hair extensions to Australian hairdressers. Since then it’s been far from automated income as Madelene has worked to build her brand Blond-Bomb and set up a foundational customer base.

Working with Women

Madelene’s work means that most of her clients are hairdressers, so she gets to meet with, “beautiful, inspiration women everyday”. In another life she worked in IT security sales where she got to spend little time working with women which she found, “a big learning experience” where she really missed it.

Madelene cites many different female role models, from Margaret Atwood, to Sophie Amoruso, Emily Weiss, Melissa Gates, Jennifer Fleiss, Fillian B. White, Marie Curie… the list goes on.

Success at Spacecubed

Now in the growth phase of her business, Madelene recently opened a training school for Perth based hairdressers to learn how to apply hair extensions. Blond Bomb Weft School runs monthly from the The Vault at Spacecubed and has been a huge success. If she didn't’ have, “access to a professional and adaptable space that’s reflective of the brand [she’s] creating, [she] wouldn’t have attempted it”. In 2018 Madelene is looking forward to hiring staff in Sydney and Brisbane, expanding the training school, accepting east coast based clientele, exhibit at Bridal and Hair Expo, and gain some brand recognition nationally.

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