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Equity Crowdfunding - A game changer for funding startups?

Oct 8, 2018

The crowd-sourced funding regime, which has previously required companies to be unlisted public companies before they could raise funds, has now been extended to Australian private companies, allowing them to raise funds from potentially hundreds or thousands of investors.

Join us for this information session and panel discussion on Australia’s new CSF regime, featuring:

  • Brodie McCulloch, founder and Managing Director of Spacecubed (panel host)
  • Matt Vitale, co-founder of Birchal, a licensed CSF platform from the team behind Pozible
  • Sam Brown, founder of Pelikin, a millennial focused travel money app planning to launch a CSF campaign soon

Topics covered by the panel will include:

  • Overview of the CSF regime
  • Benefits and risks of equity crowdfunding
  • Overview of the Birchal platform and process
  • Structuring your campaign and offer
  • Pelikin pitch and founder perspectives on using CSF to raise funds
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using CSF to invest in startups

Spots are limited, register here now.