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Empowering the WA innovation ecosystem through a new round of Meshpoints grants

Jul 10, 2024

Meshpoints goal is to create a thriving and resilient ecosystem in WA while supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers. Last month, we received an additional $900,000 from Lotterywest, further bolstering our mission to empower innovators across the region. This continued support will enable us to expand our reach and increase our impact, providing even more opportunities for local innovators to thrive.

The Fund’s latest round totals $170K across 4 projects, bringing the total amount granted in two years to over $1.7 million! Find out more about each of our latest grant recipients below, or explore all recent funding and ecosystem activity in our WA Ecosystem Innovation Index here.

Magand Makers 'Right Capital' Workshop, Enterprise Partnerships WA
This initiative aimed to empower 35 remote First Nations women entrepreneurs from the Kimberley by facilitating a gathering in the East Kimberley from June 13-16, 2024, at the Home Valley Station, a First Nations-owned venue. The event, part of the Maganda Makers (‘Tomorrow Makers’) Business Club, with the support of Enterprise Partnerships WA (EPWA), focused on building capacity for these women to engage with capital partners and strengthen their collective support for innovation in the Kimberley. The event included facilitated sessions and relationship development within the ecosystem, and will also include a follow-up event to launch the ‘Tomorrow Fund’, providing early-stage capital and investment readiness support, reducing barriers and fostering safe engagement with the capital system. This initiative received $10,000 under the Catalyst Inspire stream.

Creative Learning Business Development Project, FORM Building a State of Creativity Limited
FORM Building a State of Creativity Limited is expanding its Creative Learning programs to drive education system changes and enhance student agency through teacher professional development. The project involves a comprehensive analysis to scale and expand, with phases dedicated to stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, and implementation strategies. Collaborating with partners like Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, and the WA Department of Education, the initiative aims to impact 1,000 students, 20 teachers, 20 creative practitioners, and 10 school leaders annually. Expected outcomes include increased innovation capacity in education, improved creative teaching practices, and enhanced entrepreneurial skills among youth. This initiative received $50,000 under the Catalyst Create stream.

GoSHackathon, Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The GoSHackathon, the largest innovation and STEM event for young people in Western Australia, aims to showcase future careers through tech demos and hands-on activities. Having expanded their reach in 2023, the GoSHackathon event engages teens in pranks and challenges, fostering an electric atmosphere of innovation. Mixed-age teams develop solutions grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals, supported by sponsors like the City of Mandurah and Alcoa. The initiative impacts over 1,000 regional young people, enhancing job skills and innovation capabilities. Post-event, GoSHackathon connects with the Regional Innovation Pipeline Program for ongoing opportunities. This initiative received $30,000 under the Catalyst Create stream.

Empowering First Nation Entrepreneurs through STEM, Saltwater Country Limited
Saltwater Country, in partnership with Make It Happen HQ, is launching a program to enhance Western Australian First Nation entrepreneurs' skills in STEM, covering esports gaming, podcasting, animation, VR, and Virtual Assistant development. The initiative will impact 150 First Nation individuals, enhancing employability, confidence, and aspirations. Collaborating with local and international partners, the project blends Indigenous traditions with STEM education for a sustainable impact. This initiative received $80,000 under the Catalyst Create stream to build a legacy of empowering First Nation people in STEM.

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