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Plus Eight alumn, Edible Cutlery is tackling single-use plastics with their revolutionary products

Jenna Roberts
Oct 4, 2023

Single-use plastics are designed to be thrown away after one use and can’t be recycled. These products end up in landfills or waterways, endangering wildlife and the environment. In an effort to create a more sustainable future, Western Australia imposed a ban on single-use plastics which has forced businesses to adapt.

In response to this ban, Plus Eight alumn Edible Cutlery created a sustainable solution. Although wooden and paper alternatives existed before plastic, Edible Cutlery took this a step further by creating products that could also be consumed, therefore eliminating waste.

The world adapting to using cutlery that can be eaten after use or composted would make a huge impact on the environment. Co-Founder, Abhinav shared that his products break down in less than three weeks, in vast contrast to plastic cutlery taking over 200 years to break down. 

Edible Cutlery is crafted from 100% plant-based, nut-free, multigrain ingredients, making it an eco-friendly choice that aligns with environmental goals but also provides a delightful dining experience.

Edible Cutlery recently participated in the City of Canning Sprint, run by Plus Eight, which is a 6-week program designed to help early-stage startups progress in their business journey. Abhinav described the program as a “transformative period of growth and learning.” 

At the City of Canning Pitch Night, Edible Cutlery was awarded second place, taking home a prize of $3,000 to progress their early-stage idea, thanks to the support of the Innovative Society Fund, supported by Lotterywest.

Other recent achievements include winning People's Choice in the CA ANZ Sustainable Foods pitch night and buying one of their key competitors. 

Since its inception, Edible Cutlery has experienced substantial growth and forged partnerships with environmentally conscious brands.

“We've expanded our product line to include a diverse range of Edible Cutlery items, and our reach has extended to various markets, both domestic and international,” Abhinav shared.

Abhinav told us his greatest achievements include preventing over 150,000 single use cutlery items from reaching landfills and securing pre-orders from big brands.

The company is grateful for everyone who has supported their journey towards a more sustainable future and encourages everyone to make small changes in their daily lives.

“We envision a world, where the only thing that gets left behind after a meal is a smile on people's faces,” he concluded.

You can learn more about Edible Cutlery here

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