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Coworking at Spacecubed: So Much More Than Just a Space

Oct 25, 2019

Feeling a Part of Something More

As a member of a coworking space, you instantly become part of a community and here at Spacecubed, we make sure to cultivate a very strong community feeling. Each week, you will meet and connect with people from a multitude of industries through our exclusive member only events. Through different levels of membership, we ensure that everyone can be a part of a community harnessing local knowledge for ambitious projects in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Change of Scene

While it can be really exciting to work from a home office or a coffee shop, you might get distracted or feel isolated after a while. Coworking gives you the opportunity to switch it up a little and work from a different space whenever you feel the need. 

We have multiple silent booths for when you need a bit of privacy, coworking desks, or even permanent offices. You can decide when you want to collaborate with others and when you want to be independent. Our members can even take advantage of our passport program, and decide to work in an entirely different state or even country if they feel the need!


Coworking affords you the opportunity to work at a time that suits you. If 9 am - 5 pm office hours don’t work best, you have the option to come in all hours of the night, or if mornings are more your thing you can come in extra early and leave after lunch.

With flexible access, you’re able to create a work schedule that is tailored to your needs, which is really helpful if you have children or other commitments you need to schedule your time around. So, whenever you want to work from our space, our doors are open. 

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