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Community Spotlight: Steve Atherton

Jul 23, 2018

If you want to increase your personal effectiveness, and get moving towards your goals more quickly and easily - Steve is the man to talk to!

Steve Atherton is the owner of the WalkRunLeap Personal Effectiveness Academy, which has a focus on practical tools and support to help individuals achieve their personal and business dreams, goals and projects in the most effective way.

He is currently running a number of workshops for Spacecubed and Flux members, the most recent of which is the Unstoppable Success Programme. With a combination of 2 half day workshops and 2 progress meeting sessions over 4 weeks, it gets attendees moving quickly and effectively towards their individual business goals, and helps them to keep moving despite the world around them trying to get in the way.

What ideas are you working on at the moment?

Oh man - where do I start?

Well, my bill paying work tends to be training and consulting in the Microsoft product range, facilitating various personal effectiveness workshops, personal effectiveness coaching and even the odd web application software project.

My passion (for the last 10 years or so) is a holistic personal development framework I have developed, called Exceptional by Design. It consists of very practical systems, tools and processes, a community of like-minded members for support an inspiration, and live support groups to support and keep members moving.

There are two focuses of the framework. The Becoming Exceptional focus helps the member to create amazing lives in all areas by easily upgrading old, inherited and unhelpful habits and instill new, more helpful and effective ones. The Doing something Exceptionalfocus helps members move effectively and unstoppably towards a longer-term purpose. Although the focus areas can be used independently, they are designed to complement each other, with those investing effort in both achieving the best results.

Both focus areas use an evolutionary approach to make it easy to get started, and then progress faster as you increase your skills.

What do you enjoy most about the Spacecubed community?

I love the vibrancy, passion and innovative thinking with which members seem to approach their dreams and visions. Everyone is happy to talk and help each other out, as well as offer support to those who are struggling. This aligns perfectly with my longer-term ambitions and purpose.

How did your startup journey begin?

I have been a lone wolf, trying all sorts of 'crazy hair brained schemes' since I was in my late twenties, so there is always some new project I am working on. Over the last 10 years, however, I have been focusing on my personal development system, Exceptional by Design. It's a distillation of all I've tried, failed, succeeded and finally learned since I got into personal development after picking up a copy of 'Three Magic Words' at a school fête when I was 12 years old.

Who would you like to connect with most?

I love to help out in the areas I have expertise in. With my facilitation and coaching work I have become quite good at presenting complex concepts in simple ways. As such, I'd love to offer my expertise to any member looking for help in areas I have expertise in.

The first of these is the Microsoft Office product range: Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Access, etc. I can also help with using Visual Basic for these products if you would like to save time by automating complex tasks.

I can also assist as a one on one coach, or through the Exceptional by Design system, if members are getting stuck or bogged down and want to moving forward more effectively towards their long-term goals and projects, or improve their lot in life in general.

Can you share with us a success story you've achieved during your time at Spacecubed?

After various iterations of workshops within Flux and S3, as well as great feedback from members, I am now running a new programme for members called Unstoppable Success. This 4-week programme includes two half day workshops and two group support meetings, and gets participants moving more effectively and quickly towards their long-term business goals, objectives and visions.

We're just winding up the first intake of 4 people, who are now well under way towards their business goals, with an option to continue fortnightly 'live' progress meetings to support and keep them moving. 

What do you hope to achieve in 2017?

I will officially launch Exceptional by Design, and start building the community of members working to better their lives by using the framework and supporting each other.

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