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Community Spotlight: Joel Steel, Quizjam

Mar 2, 2018

This week's candidate is Joel Steel, Founder of Quizjam. The company was recently selected for the 2017 Plus EIGHT Accelerator and now work full time out of FLUX.

What are you currently working on?QuizJam – QuizJam is the complete engagement platform. A world first, fun and exciting cloud-based engagement platform which teams use to educate, brands use to connect, sports use to engage, communities & NFP’s use to raise and the players take on the world. What do you love most about the FLUX community?The like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs all working out of the one co-working space pushing each other to go 10% faster every week.

How did your journey into the startup/SME space begin?QuizJam was born in Jan 15’ originally named QuizAid with a focus on working with Not for Profits to help them engage with the community and raise funds and awareness for their cause. Due to some implications on the ability to fundraise through Apple applications, we pivoted to work with Brands as a customer engagement tool and formed a strategic partnership with the 5th largest Marketing agency in the world Havas Worldwide who helped us onboard out first paying customer being car sales. It was then brought to our attention that employee engagement, education and training retention in the workplace was a big pain point for most organisations and QuizJam for Teams was born. 

QuizJam for Teams allows organisations to quickly and easily create private trivia tournaments and surveys and have them in the hands of their employees in minutes, with live reporting and analytics you can make fast and effective business decisions based on the knowledge gaps of the employees or embed training through booster quizzes. Who are you looking to connect with?We would love to speak with HR, Learning and Development Managers and Communication managers to provide us with feedback of our QuizJam for Teams platform. See www.quizjam.com/teams. QuizJam for Teams is a cloud-based gamified solution for innovative organisations looking for exciting and new ways to educate, engage, survey and improve the culture within their teams. Built on top of a real time analytics engine, QuizJam connects you with your team on a deeper level, allowing for faster, more effective decision making.

Can you share with us a success story you've achieved during your time in the community?We have raised 900k in seed to date, brought on multiple high profile investors and advisors including the Co-founder of Fetch TV, have just opened a 1.2 million converting note and have just partnered with the West Coast Eagles in a fan engagement trial.

For more information, check out www.quizjam.com.