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Community Spotlight: Jamie Lawrence, Agriwebb

Mar 6, 2018

Our first member is Jamie Lawrence, Business Development Manager of Agriwebb. Jamie has been working in our spaces for over 6 weeks.What are you working on?We are working on developing our iOS (Apple) app version currently. We have been working on this for quite some time as it's been built from scratch! I have been personally attending Agricultural field days, both here in WA and around the country. Along with customer engagement evening and information days.

What do you enjoy most about the Spacecubed community?

Spacecube/Flux is an awesome co-working space which enables the flexibility of coming and going as I please. Working in a professional space with like minded people. You can't beat rubbing shoulders with someone of a different background learning new skills.

How did your journey into the startup/SME space begin?

I have worked for huge companies in the past and I have found that I'm more suited to small companies where my voice gets heard and matters. I am not one so sit in the background as I need my voice heard. I am very entrepreneurial and I can see an opportunity when one is presented.

Who are you looking to connect with?

People in the AgTech space, Agricultural Business people and anyone who has the passion to succeed in business.

Can you share with us a success story you've achieved during your time at Spacecubed/Flux?

I have met with potential customers in Flux and working in such a professional space speaks volumes when trying to close the deal. They now are customers and are loving using the AgriWebb Notebook and software!

Find out more about Agriwebb here.