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Community Spotlight: FeedMee App Team

Mar 1, 2018

This week are pleased to introduce the team at Feedmee App, who joined the FLUX community as one of our Plus Eightaccelerator program participants. A social enterprise powered by tech - for every meal ordered through the app, another meal is donated to someone in need. Learn more about their incredible journey and mission.

What ideas are you working on at the moment?

Feedmee - a social enterprise powered by technology.  Sitting under the name of Feedmee is our a consumer facing product - a restaurant and recipe discovery iOS app. Our mission is to spread the idea “what if every time you eat, you can help someone in need eat, too?”

Feedmee APP is the virtual “fridge” for our users, providing more than 300 recipes and 1000 restaurant dish inspirations across Australia. Every time a user books or orders on-demand delivery through the app, we donate a meal to someone in need via the help of food rescue charities.

Sitting under this great mission is our revenue generator - an analytics tool that provides consumer tastes and behavioural insights to our enterprise partners.

The major difference between us and the charities we work with is that we do not rely on limited funding resources, instead, we create a sustainable business model that allows us to continue generating impact on a larger scale.

What do you enjoy most about the FLUX/Spacecubed community?

Being able to network with different founders and other like-minded individuals has been really valuable for us.

How did your startup journey begin?

The idea didn’t come from just anywhere. Tyler and I started Feedmee back in February 2016. Tyler Spooner, the Co-founder of Feedmee, became an orphan at the age of 10.  He grew up in foster homes and spent some time on the streets, relying heavily on charities for food and support.

Tyler always wants to find a way to help people that are in the hard situation that he faced growing up. He is very passionate about fighting the hunger problems that many children face every year.

Who would you like to connect with most?

Founders, investors and people who are willing to contribute to the community by sharing their valuable experiences and mentoring others. We would also love to connect with any other social enterprise in Perth.

Can you share with us a success story you've achieved during your time at Flux?

Feedmee had been featured in Startup Daily, TechInvest etc. in the past few weeks, and had a few warm introductions to potential investors and clients thanks to the connections we met in Flux.

What do you hope to achieve in 2017?

Grow the team, expand Australia wide and expand to the US by end of 2017. Would also like to reach 2,500 meals donated to people in need.

Find out more at www.feedmeeapp.com