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Community Profile: Matthew Lim, Co-Founder of Snackr

Apr 15, 2021

How did your business journey begin?
All of our co-founders were working professionally as lawyers, consultants, finance, engineering - but we had always had an eye on stepping out of that corporate world and creating something. We are all a bit obsessed with sport and having gone to plenty of live events, we were fed up with the experience of ordering concessions. We noticed a gap in the market and started investigating the pathway to developing a solution.

It took a couple of years of juggling Snackr and our other jobs before we decided to fully commit to it and properly do something about it. In the end, the concept and the opportunity were too compelling to not give it our all so we took the leap into entrepreneurship.


What are you working on at the moment?
We're iterating on our prototype, adding some features for the AFL and resolving some of the issues we identified. Our main focus is ensuring we're listening to feedback from our users and tweaking our product to get the right product-market fit.

We're also preparing for our seed-capital raise which will allow us to mature our prototype and be ready to scale and expand our footprint in the market. We have identified some outstanding talent who are ready to join our team once we have the capital, so it will be really exciting to be able to bring them on and get them involved.


What do you love about being a part of the Spacecubed community?
It's pretty early for us, we've only been in FLUX for a couple of weeks and have been travelling a bit. But we're most looking forward to building our network and becoming a part of the Perth startup community. It so inspiring and comforting to hear from other founders and feel that sense of collegiality, otherwise it can be quite a lonely journey.


Can you share with us one of your favourite success stories?
We recently launched our prototype at the T20 BBL in Hobart. It was immensely satisfying and a bit of a relief to finally get our product out there in a real-life situation. We also saw some really compelling stats that supported our hypotheses about problem-solution fit including higher average spend, spend at typically quieter times over events and overwhelmingly happy fans who placed repeat orders at an amazing rate. It's crazy (and terrifying) to have people using your product, but very encouraging to get validation that our concept is solid and that we're on the right track.


If you needed to, how have you adapted post COVID-19?
We need live events and lots of people congregating in small spaces so we had significant delays to our launch due to COVID-19. Although that was frustrating, we were able to slow down our development pipeline, take some more time testing and focus on our product. It also adjusted our value proposition for our client as a COVID-safe measure that promotes social distancing and that turned out to be a major value add. Although the uncertain environment has definitely made some things more difficult, we have seen some great adjustments and interesting opportunities come out of it.


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