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Building the augmented Future of Work

Jul 19, 2019

How people work is changing every day with new technology, spaces, ideas and options that allow for full control over who you work with, where you work and when you work. Spacecubed has been exploring this change over the past seven years with our coworking spaces, innovation programs and now our platform to enable this new world of work.

This change is being driven by connected global megatrends which are all hitting at roughly the same time and are set to make the next five to ten years very interesting.

By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce and will be in management and leadership positions resulting in a new type of hierarchy for organisations, allowing the workplace to be shaped by a new generation.

Larger corporates will be made up of 50% freelance, contract or project staff by 2025. With this rapid change in staffing and organisation composition, there are questions around property and accommodation needs moving forward.

In Australia, only 0.6% of commercial office space is currently flexible or coworking space. JLL predicts that by 2030 this type of space will make up 30% of the market due to tenant demand for flexible working flexible-term spaces.

Global accounting standard changes with IFRS 16 will bring leases onto the company balance sheets, which will encourage more flexible and efficient leasing policies for corporates around the world.

The combination of these megatrends and our experience driving new types of spaces have led us to look at how we can develop new ways for our members to access community, space, programs and the day to day actions that will make them more effective. We have also examined how we can further partner with property owners to activate and monetise their space with quick changing consumer demands.

Delivering positive change in the community through a unique mix of Spaces and Programs, Spacecubed are now extending their reach, creating a community focused, interactive Platform. We are excited to provide a sneak preview of the Spacecubed Platform which aims to increase engagement in three areas:

Member Collaboration: We are leveraging machine learning to connect you with the most relevant members, based on your industry, current resourcing needs, location and interests.

Members will be able to give the app feedback about how meaningful their connections are: for example, whether or not they grabbed a coffee, lunch, or started a collaborative project with the new connection.

The feedback loop will allow the algorithm to become smarter over time and offer better-personalised connections and content to the members.

Spaces as a Service: We are developing the first augmented reality (AR) integrated smart space, which will enable members to interact with the environment like never before; whether booking meeting rooms, registering for events, or just finding out who is sitting at the desk across from you.

Members will also be able to book desk space and meeting rooms at partner spaces so they can access spaces which are more convenient to help them get their work done.

We believe this will drive greater interaction with the space and a visual way for members to access everything Spacecubed has to offer.

Lifelong Learning: In additional to all the learning events Spacecubed currently hosts, members will have access to, and be offered regular suggestions on highly relevant online and in person learning opportunities based on their interests and industry.

In addition to being a platform for the Spacecubed community and other coworking partners, we are looking at how we can apply this technology to commercial office spaces and corporate offices to provide a solution for maximising space utilisation to reduce overheads; increasing learning, collaboration and engagement between staff; and adding more flexibility for working in alternative locations.

Spacecubed Founder and Managing director, Brodie McCulloch will be undertaking a global roadshow over the coming months to showcase the Platform at several property/commercial technology conferences in Los Angeles, Seoul, Hong Kong and London.

If you are interested in meeting and learning more about the technology, how we might be able to work together or investment opportunities, please reach out to Brodie on brodie@spacecubed.com to arrange a time.

Opportunities for Preview:

Los Angeles (CRETech Conference): March 26 - April 5th

San Fransisco (Google Cloud Next 19' Conference) April 6th - 13th

South Korea (VRAR Expo) : May 28 - June 1

Hong Kong: June 1 - June 10

London (London Tech Week): June 11 - June 14