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Building a community in a coworking space

Oct 12, 2020

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, the traditional definition of community is “the people living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, social group, or nationality” and while this can be true for residential areas and local groups tied to a location, in many cases, the true meaning of community is much more than that. It’s a feeling of connection based on common attitudes, interests and goals. 

Humans, at their very core, crave connection. And this was a big lesson learnt during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Where can you go to build connections and feel a part of a bigger community?

A great solution for business owners, freelancers and individuals is coworking. At the heart of all coworking spaces are their communities. Safe spaces for individuals to share their goals, as well as be productive, meet new people and attend events.

Spacecubed’s Community Coordinator, Amandine Trouillet shared that for her, community is all about knowing each other. “In my role, it’s important for me to have a good understanding of a member's needs during their initial onboarding. From there, I can learn about who they are, and what they do and if I can help to foster connections between them and other members who can work together.”

Here at Spacecubed, our main focus is around community and how we can better connect members with one another, and with the wider ecosystem. It’s all about enabling them to grow, and giving them the space to do so. By hosting recurring events, like Happy Hour and Breakfasts, and Networking events our members have the chance to meet each other and discuss their businesses. 

Amilia Bakhtiar shared that through our newest offering, Space as a Service, we’re able to activate other spaces across Perth with the same foundations we used to build community at Riff, our very first coworking space in Perth. “We’ve done this in 2020 in partnership with Murdoch University, and are excited about all the things to come in 2021 to encourage more people to come into the CBD and connect with local industry, alumni and entrepreneurs.” 

Since we launched Riff, we’ve seen business owners come and go, as they outgrow our space, take on new team members or launch new products overseas, but through all of this, we still remain a strong and vibrant ecosystem, that any member, new or old, can call home. As quoted by Amandine, "Alone we can do little, together we can do so much."

To find out more about the Spacecubed community and how you can get involved as a Community Member, reach out to us today at info@spacecubed.com! With discounted access on events, meeting rooms, coworking access and more, becoming a Community Member is the perfect way to join the startup community.