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#BehindTheB: Celebrating B Corp Month at Spacecubed

Mar 2, 2022

As a social enterprise, Spacecubed is driven by creating tangible social impact in everything we do. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corp, and stand amongst a community of companies developing better business practices, creating new ways to measure success, working with dignity and purpose, and using business as a force for good. We believe that being part of the B Corp community will accelerate and scale our impact to a global community, well beyond our footprint.


With the focus for 2022, #BehindTheB, we’ll be shining a light on local B Corps and their stories on how this new way of doing business is changing the world. B Corps of all sizes, and all industries will join together this month, to make this the biggest, most inclusive, and impactful campaign to date. See more about B Corp month 2022 here.


Certified since May 2019, Impact Seed is WA’s leading advisory for Impact Strategy, Impact Measurement, Social Enterprise Venture Building & Impact Investment. The team behind the scenes, Kylie and Sven, strive to do better business every single day. 


Our whole business is centred on supporting systems-change finance and entrepreneurship and building a new economy by helping grow social enterprises and impact investment projects across WA.” Sven shared. “ The pandemic, climate crisis and rising inequality are reminding us that shifting from a focus on investor profit as the primary outcome, to social and environmental impact being on an equal footing is more urgent than ever.” 


“This is what gets us going every day - helping impact ventures across many sectors, Traditional Owner groups, not for profits, grant makers and investors all accelerate this change through investment readiness and capacity building support.”


ToBe Advisory, founded by Michael Watts, helps to make the world a better place by instilling ‘for-purpose’ as a key reason for profit in all organisation. Certified as a local B Corp since the beginning of 2022, Michael sees business as an integral part of society. “As like any other institution, businesses that share value amongst all shareholders help to make the world a better place, and that’s what I’m all about – helping to make the world a better place.”


When asked what it means to Sven to have Impact Seed as a certified B Corp, he shared that they became a B Corp in 2019 and B Consultant in 2021 because they believe the B Corp certification process is one of the best ways any business can embed impact-driven practices throughout their governance, supply chain, communities, environment and employee engagement. “There are over 400 certified Australian B Corps now, and we're keen to help that movement grow by helping more corporate and large enterprises get on board.”


“The B Corp community in WA is growing and we all know each other well and work closely together. It's great to be part of the Spacecubed community as a fellow B Corp ecosystem builder, and we can't wait to welcome more WA B Corps in 2022!” He continued. 


Michael is in a similar situation, believing that being a B Corp is all about practicing what you preach. “As a consultant helping business leaders embed purpose beyond profit into business models, having ToBe Advisory B Corp certified demonstrates a commitment to that and leading by example.”


He continued, “B Corp is the gold standard in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) certification; it’s a high bar, so it’s impossible not to feel a great sense of pride in achieving B Corp certification.”


To find out more about how you can buy from, work with, or learn more about Certified B Corporations around the world, head to their website here.