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Announcing: Spacecubed Partnership with BloomLab at St Cat’s

Aug 24, 2018

WA’s economy is rapidly changing and we need to encourage future generations of West Australians to seek opportunities to innovate and improve the status quo, not just land a job. WA has plenty of advantages: our proximity to Asia, great educational institutions, engineering talent from the mining boom, and cutting-edge biomedical research. If we shift our economy to use these advantages Perth could become a hub of technology and innovation that is recognised globally along with the likes of Tel Aviv, Seoul, and Silicon Valley.

Over the next three years, it is vital for Perth to establish strong support infrastructure to enable entrepreneurs to go from idea to market quicker. This relies on the private sector, government, universities and key players in the startup ecosystem to work closely together.                                                                                                        

To expedite this development, Spacecubed and Bloom have forged a partnership which will create a clear path for young West Australian entrepreneurs to develop their ideas further into global businesses – through mentoring from industry experts, peer support, learning opportunities and ongoing programs.

In this exciting collaboration, BloomLab members will be able to access the following support from Spacecubed along their entrepreneurial journey:

  • Spacecubed’s digital community, to collaborate online with experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders within the Spacecubed network.
  • Spacecubed’s Startup Mentoring network
  • Half a day free use of Spacecubed / Sync Labs per month
  • Discounted use of Spacecubed coworking / meeting rooms
  • One dedicated seat for a student entrepreneur from the Bloom community in Spacecubed’s Intensify Scholarship, run 4 times per year. Bloom will assist in the selection of this Scholarship recipient.

Led by UWA student Mark Shelton and graduate John Eis Clema, Bloom is an incorporated not-for-profit that helps young Western Australians put their ideas into action by providing them with the education, resources and contacts they need to launch.

To find out more about BloomLab check out their Website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.