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Anna Powell talks 100 members in 100 days

Aug 24, 2018

With the new financial year, the Spacecubed community and its memberships will increase in value (starting at $350p/a), as FLUX and other spaces come online. The 100 members in 100 days challenge is your last chance to join Spacecubed on a community membership as part of the limited #100in100 price - currently featured on our website under membership here.

And it gets better, signing up to the #100in100 price means that even after the new financial year begins, your community membership won’t increase - we’re locking it at #100in100 rates from now until the end of time. If you're already a Spacecubed member, this is great news as you are already on locked in memberships which won't increase when the new financial year arises. 

In light of these new membership benefits and the #100in100 challenge, we’ve tackled the most common question we get at Spacecubed, and that’s “why will the Spacecubed community benefit me and my business?”

Anna Powell, Founder of Yabble, an online marketplace for organising after school activities for kids, recently joined the community on a coworking membership at the current #100in100 price and here’s what she had to say;

“Since I’ve become a member, Yabble has been kicking goals and making the most of the community, network and coworking at Spacecubed.”

“During my time here, I’ve secured some seed funding, a spot in RAC’s SeedSpark Accelerator, and secured a new co-founder who is a Senior Web Developer working for the largest Marketplace in New Zealand...”

“We have also made many connections we wouldn’t 

have had the opportunity to meet through networking events at the space,” said Anna, who is now entering the accelerated growth phase in her Startup journey.

Join Anna and a community of 749 other entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers today.