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5 things you may not know about Spacecubed

Jul 15, 2019

With a growing community, we’ve decided to fill you in on 5 things you 

might not have known about Spacecubed and why there’s some very exciting times and opportunities to get involved, ahead.

  • With two world class coworking spaces, FLUX and Spacecubed, our coworking, resident desk and office options offer a range of views, options and benefits to suit your working style. Did you know that our level 9 space at Spacecubed boasts some of the most stunning views of the river? The view includes Heirisson Island, the City of Perth buildings, Stirling Gardens, the Supreme Court of Western Australia and Government House.
  • Our innovative entrepreneurial programs helping kickstart startups and transforming simple ideas into successful businesses have helped over 24 ideas develop into successful startups - some with global reach. See an example of the Spacecubed journey by reading about Yabble’s Spacecubed journey here.
  • Our level 9 coworking, resident desk and team pod space is turning 2 years old this year. This exciting space is currently home to the Vocus Upstart 7 startups, AsiaLink Business (helping corporates expand their reach into Asia), Landgate, Journeyone, HBF Activate’s chosen startups (stay tuned for the release) and many more innovative businesses. 
  • Spacecubed has a very valuable history. So valuable in fact that 45 St George’s Terrace, including our main events and coworking space, used to be the Reserve Bank of Western Australia. Come and lock your ideas down in our Vocus Vault meeting room, or take your coworking phone calls in our guard room, come bulletproof, soundproof phone booth.
  • Spacecubed is a Social Enterprise, meaning the profits we make as a business are invested into new programs, coworking benefits, spaces and events to continue our mission of supporting 20,000 entrepreneurs, coworkers and businesses.

With new programs on the horizon, we are now bringing more possibilities to engage with opportunities to grow your business, acquire expert mentorship and colocate with some of Perth's brightest entrepreneurial minds.

Find out more about Spacecubed, and check out our great membership packages. Meet key business contacts and grow your business at Spacecubed today.