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15 Perth startups to keep on your Global tech radar in 2017

Aug 3, 2018

If you think leading a company or organisation in Perth or any lifestyle city means you only need to know your local consumers you’d be making a crucial mistake, according to Spacecubed Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Tim Brewer.“We live in an increasingly frictionless world, businesses and individuals need to view their product as a global offering, rather than a local product they are aiming to take global.  As global product, you’re in a Gig economy, and you need to compete and be superior at scale, which means you need to be faster than people in other places, you need to deliver more value for your users, and you need to market better online than your competitors,” says Tim.

Here are 15 up-and-coming startups from Perth to keep on your global tech radar for 2017:

A program for app developers, by app developers, it monitors all app stores in all countries and aggregates reviews into a single feed. Users can track their own apps and competitor apps across multiple platforms and markets, automatically. 

Teamline is an easy-to-use project management tool that works directly with Slack. It helps your team get more work done by keeping track of tasks and decisions that are made in chat, ensuring everybody is informed, and making sure nothing falls between the cracks.


Cribber strives to create engaged worksites all over the world through effective and inclusive communication and employee onboarding. It allows managers to broadcast rich information to their workforce and receive immediate feedback on engagement and knowledge retention.      

The world's first cross-border agricultural brokering platform, servicing farmers sourcing broadacre agricultural chemicals.They aim to save farmers between 15-20% on their agricultural chemical costs which account for 60% of cropping costs on broad acre farms.  


Feedmee is a social enterprise - they believe together we can end world hunger. Every time you book a table or order food delivery through the app, Feedmee donates a meal to someone in need.  

Specialising in location data intelligence, GeoMoby has developed a patented cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people. With more visibility, right insights and better perception of people's behaviour, they focus on opening doors to decision makers, reducing inefficiencies and building successful organisations.  

Established in 2006, HealthEngine connects patients with healthcare professionals across Australia. Since then, HealthEngine has grown to become Australia's #1 online healthcare marketplace used by over one million patients each month.   

A virtual reality design and development studio that seeks to push forward the boundaries of human and computing interaction by resolving fundamental interaction issues in VR – providing the most immersive way to touch feel and move about virtual worlds and thus helping to draw out the realest of emotions   

HUMM Technologies
HUMM is a startup building wearable neurotechnology that improves lives and expands human potential. The company, founded by two engineering students, a law student and a recently qualified Medical Doctor, is currently building a prototype headset for e-sports competitors. Watch out for their launch on Kickstarter later this year!  

Cetana has developed and patented an innovative dynamic live monitoring system that enables a more effective approach to the monitoring of video surveillance networks. iCetana’s system is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of the new surveillance threat landscape and the essential requirement to secure and protect crowded public spaces, infrastructure and operations  

A revolutionary new free mobile app that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to turn your mobile phone into a powerful football training tool, allowing the everyday athlete to train like an elite professional. Simply film your kick using your smartphone and receive instant feedback on your kicking speed, accuracy, and curve using world first technology.    

Combining remote sensing with computer vision and AI, they help businesses make decisions through spatial imagery. Capable of finding lost planes in the ocean, travellers in the bush or weapons of mass destruction.    

A cloud-based gamified solution for innovative organisations looking for exciting and new ways to educate, engage, survey and improve the culture within their teams. Built on top of a real-time analytics engine, QuizJam connects you with your team on a deeper level, allowing for faster, more effective decision-making.    

Storekat is a marketplace for all kinds of Warehousing and Storage capacity. Warehouses and Storage providers can easily list their underutilised capacity and value, whilst Storage consumers can easily find and select the appropriate space by map, space type, availability and price.   

Virtual Gaming Worlds
The pioneers of Social Sweepstake Gaming. VGW is disrupting both the Online Social Casino and Poker markets. Their innovative sweepstakes technology is protected by an international patent application.

Cover photo credit: DS Studio / @winpiix