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10 Perth Startups to Watch in 2019

Apr 15, 2020

Keep an eye on the following startups as the year progresses. Ranging from online gaming to wine inventory management, these startups may vary widely in their service offering but they are all making waves across Perth, Western Australia and further afield.


1. Komo Digital (formerly QuizJam)

QuizJam rebranded to Komo Digital due to the ever-growing and diverse range of digital engagement products over and above the original quiz based toolkits. The team aim to create immersive and high performing digital experiences that always deliver the best possible results and user experience.

2. Udrew

Perth software startup Udrew is saving clients time and money when it comes to small building designs. Changing the way that building approvals happen, the startup offers a unique D.I.Y service for designing, planning, engineering, as well as providing construction and material guides. Working directly with local councils, the time from design to approval can be slashed from months to minutes. Udrew was named 2018 WA Innovator of the Year, look out for big things from this startup in 2019.

3. SpacetoCo

SpacetoCo was founded to help share the existing bookable coworking spaces in local communities. Hosts can apply to offer their space and users can easily search, filter results based on their requirements, browse facilities and book spaces online. Amongst numerous accolades, the startup scored national fame and $210,000 on Shark Tank in 2018.

4. Cellr

Inventory management for hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars and hotels is a time consuming and costly task. The team at startup Cellr look to change things with through tracking individual bottles via radio frequency identification technologies. The company also works with distributors in a double pronged approach as a channel to market.

5. MoneyCatcha

Connecting organisations with truth is the philosophy behind MoneyCatcha, a company that provides technology and design solutions driving speed, efficiency and security. CEO and founder Ruth Hatherly has recently been listed as one of the Financial Review’s 100 women of influence and the company took home the 2018 Compliance Innovator of the Year Award from the Fintech Business Awards.

6. Sidekicker

The fastest way to hire temporary staff, Sidekicker runs in partnership with Seek to provide both job hunters and businesses with an on demand, pre-screened workforce ready to hire. Slashing the lengthy process of recruitment for short term work placements, more than 5,000 businesses and 11,000 job seekers are already utilising the startup.

7. Maptaskr

Utilising satellite imagery and artificial technology, Maptaskr provide geospatial analytics for global intelligence and insights. The company has provided solutions for a range of industries including marine based, agricultural, urban planning, and industrial sectors.

8. Unocart (formerly FeedMe)

Formerly FeedMe, Unocart offers grocery delivery from major retailers within two hours using their groceries on demand app. Shoppers can select products from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi and have them delivered with efficiency and ease. Having expanded interstate to Sydney in 2018, the coming year will be full growth for the startup.

9. Mapizy

There is a team of highly skilled AI engineers behind Mapizy, a tech startup that focuses on utilising image data and machine learning to automate change detection in natural and urban localities. Creating analytics with this data, they can help businesses make educated decisions and streamline performance with software solutions.

10. Keepspace

A third-party logistics service, Keepspace was founded with a simple goal in mind. To save e-commerce entrepreneurs from the time-sapping and routine areas of their work. Thus, opening up their diaries for the tasks that will help their business to thrive and use their skills most effectively. The business simplifies platforms and cross-listings to help manage inventory and ship products with ease.

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