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Community Profile: Shawn Fallon CEO of Audio Scriptr

Mar 24, 2021
How did your business journey begin?

Like any eager child, with a lemonade stand. However, nine years ago I had a revelation while working as a consultant in West Perth. I saw fifteen years flash before my eyes in a moment. It was like Ebenezer Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas Past watching his childhood go by. But instead of the past, I saw my future. Fifteen years had passed by. I had gotten older, moved to an office with a window, had a bit more money and a bit less time with my family. That was it.  

My personality is adventurous and loves challenges. I realised that I was not on the right path, but I did not know what else to do. I had a second vision shortly after that about changing the world through technology. Being technologically illiterate, I went back to university and got a Master’s Degree in IT. I acquired a job as a DevOps Strategist, taught business and computer science at the university, and built a business on the side.  And, the rest, is history. 


What are you working on at the moment?

Last year I was in the Inteligencia coffee shop in Pasadena, California, talking to a movie producer friend of mine. He mentioned that every day he gets stacks of emails from script writers who want to be discovered. He wished there was an application that could read them to him while he spent three hours in traffic.  

Audio Scriptr was born that day. It is a platform for professionals to create beautiful audio versions of their documents to listen to on the go, and share with their team.  

It is now being used by companies looking for an advantage in their sector. We partner with those who want to be excellent in their jobs while enjoying life to the fullest. With Audio Scriptr, our community can listen to their scripts, onboarding documentation, manuals, reports, meeting minutes, etc. while driving, lifting weights, walking, running, flying, skydiving or rock climbing.  So far we have saved thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars, and four trees. 

If you would like a free trial, reach out to me at shawn@audioscriptr.com.  


What do you love about being a part of the Spacecubed community?

I love seeing Spacecubed's Community Managers, Dicey Bergic and Chris Tan throughout the day. I love catching up with Riff member, Josh Fernandes and chatting about life. The standup desks at Fern are glorious. Pretty much every part of it from the phone booths to the coffee machine by BrewHub makes me smile.


Can you share with us one of your favourite success stories?

My favourite success story involves a gin and tonic and an empty table in a courtyard. I used to threaten the powers that be that I would “go back and get a real job.” I would shout it out like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump when he is on the boat in the midst of the storm. That is to say, if all else fails in the entrepreneurial world, I had a lifeline back to the sane world. However, on this particular day, I threw away that lifeline and said I would never look back.  And in exchange, I got what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates called “focus.”  When you are all in, solutions find their way to the surface.    


How have you adapted post COVID-19?

The team at Audio Scriptr has not really had to adapt post COVID-19. But due to COVID-19, audio services like podcasts, audiobooks, etc. have dramatically increased in subscriptions.   Because Audio Scriptr fits into this category, we have been able to help people through the COVID-19 challenges by allowing them to take their work on the road and get out into the wild.

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