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Office Hours Mentor: Gergely Pal

Aug 24, 2018

Name: Gergely Pal

Current Position: IT Archiect

Current Company: Current

Linkedin Profile: Gergely Pal

Relevant Work Experience:

Solution/integration and enterprise architect mainly in resource (oil & gas and energy) sector; delivery lead

Key areas you can assist with: 

IT architecture; large scale enterprise architecture design, strategy development, governance practices; also solution and integration architectureProject delivery; end-to-end delivery of IT projects including, assessment, feasibility, budget and schedule planning, resource engagement, delivery tracking, delivery method application, quality assurance, transition, handover and supportInnovation management within organisationOn the less professional but equally skilled side:TeachingChildren managementHappiness management

Something people will find interesting about you: I’m an end to end professional

What are you passionate about:

Collaborative innovationInnovative collaboration

Do you give permission for Spacecubed members to contact you directly via email? Yes

Day of the week you prefer to volunteer: Any